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HOSTAGE! What was that flying creature that snatched Shania as she ran across the darkness of the cave to the cliff of green flowering things? Would she survive the wound from its claw that spread poison through her body? Could she escape from such foul-smelling, weird-sounding humanoids to get back to her lover and her people?

Dear Ones, I’m happy to announce the impending launch of: 

Soul Work: Tools to Help You Heal

This series of videos, audio-only meditations and wisdom teachings will jump start your journey to become more of your Self.

Wherever you are in your process, YOU – your Soul, your Higher Self, your Committee – YOU are guiding this process.

Trust your intuition.

Soul Work: Tools to Help You Heal

I’m so glad you’re ready to embrace more of your magnificent self. As a human, you are waaaaaay more than you’ve been programmed to believe. Becoming free of that distortion, you can now heal and become more easily. You can

  • grow at your own pace, 
  • collect the evidence that supports your new perceptions, 
  • create the life that will fill up all your empty places, and 
  • be a rock for others in these times of great change.

If you think Soul Work benefits you only after you die, guess again. Soul Work is how you make the most of being alive. The rewards are right here, right now.

Soul Work is intensely practical. The vibrational resonance you emanate attracts people, circumstances and experiences to you. Soul Work manages the state of your emotional being and the flow of your energy. You’ll see the difference quickly as you experiment with tools you can use to clear density and energetic blocks and open to receive more blessings and joy.

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The Shaman Chronicles are stories about living from a spiritual perspective. These books show you the world shamans see. In the midst of a rousing story you can find clues and tools to help you on your path. These books are meant to entertain you while you explore an expanded view of our world. They invite you to embrace all of who you are.


is not a religion but a lifestyle that incorporates prayer and ceremony as tools to engage All That Is with reverence and intention. Because everything is energy and everything vibrates, everything is connected. 

A shamanic practitioner moves energy within your field to clear harmful energies, enhance the flow of your energy, and activate more of your personal power. The same principles apply on a broader scale. You have within you enormous power to heal, grow and enrich your life, and this community is your resource to help you.


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