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About Barbara


A guide can’t take you anyplace she hasn’t gone herself. I’ve been through the Dark Night of the Soul many times in my life. Broken dreams, crushed expectations, doubts, questioning. And each time I’ve emerged into a new experience of connection to the Light and to my Self.

The Crucible:

Sometimes called the Valley of the Shadow of Death, such dark nights are the places where everything we think we know crumbles around us. It hurts. It’s fucking miserable. And it’s the place where pain forces the changes you already know you want to make.

The Goal:

Your Soul – your Higher Self – cannot let you wallow in a mud puddle when your Purpose is to splash in a pristine waterfall. It whispers and murmurs, and if it can’t get the message through, it shouts. Trust me. You don’t want it to shout. By that time, the walls of Jerico are tumbling down.

Trust yourself:

You are a GodSpark whose journey is through the confusion of incarnation to emerge as the powerful Being of Light that you are. To claim your Self. To re-experience your connection to the Source of All Life that animates you. To the vibration where lives the Oneness of the Hologram.

Where truth lives:

But these are just words. Words help you understand Reality, even help define Reality, but this is an inside job. Don’t give your power away to anybody. Not a guru. Not an other-worldly being. Not me, for sure. Because everything you need is inside you.

My contribution:

What I offer is the companionship of a sister shaman. I can share wisdom born of decades of searching, finding and becoming. (I am a Grandmother, after all.) And I have tools to help you tune in to yourself and your other-dimensional allies. I’ll teach you to trust yourself more completely, forgive yourself more fully. I’ll help you lean into the adventures your heart is calling you to. And I’ll make you laugh!

Who I am doesn’t matter, except in how I can help you.
Are you ready to play?