Chilling prophetic warnings or chill-producing suspense tales?

You decide. But First…
It’s a Makeover – Ta Da!
A new look, a new feel, with the same heart-stirring stories inside!
That’s how it works, right? In a great makeover, you get to see the outside come into alignment with the inside. In movies and on TV, someone with a heart of gold – smart, funny, insightful, kind – loses the glasses, changes the hair, dons different clothing, maybe a little makeup, and Voila! The world can see the truth of what was always there!

How’s Your Transformation Going?

I know you’re changing. Things are happening in your life that are forcing it. Everybody has something inviting them to step into their next becoming. Sometimes it’s circumstances that block you like it was with me. Here’s what happened. Nothing gets your attention like PAIN!    The Universe stopped me dead in my tracks. “You ain’t […]

Hooking Up

Loneliness Oh, the ache. To feel adrift in the vastness of the multiverse with no tie to anything.Not a Place. Not an object or being – human or other. The most terrifying delusion of all. The Delusion For delusion it is. Even in space we are at every moment a part of a Web of Life […]

What makes you come alive?

I first heard this phrase as a symposium facilitator for The Pachamama Alliance. It’s an especially deep question because it assumes you have various levels of aliveness – and that you’re aware of it. I believe it’s true for people who have awakened: who are paying attention to communications from their body and who are […]

I'm Baaaack – & Other Exciting News!

I’m B-a-a-a-c-k! I’ve been back from the pilgrimage to Bolivia and Lake Titicaca for over three weeks now. I’ve been holding it close, cherishing the sensations and the shifts, feeling the changes. So much happened. So many details to remember and see for the first time. The shifts in energy and the bonding with fellow […]

The Mystical Source of Inspiration, and How to Manifest Your Dreams

I write supernatural suspense novels because I love exploring the transformative potential of spiritual work. I’m especially gratified to connect with other authors who apply spiritual truth to writing. Emily Tamayo Maher wrote The Meaning Method and supports it with practical, nurturing and insightful coaching for new authors. And lucky you! You get to see what […]

When Writers Conference

Any art form is essentially solitary work. The best offerings emerge from the depths of the artist’s soul. After a great creative session, one feels drained, tired and happy, because all that tumultuous emotion is now pinned to the page. In the best of all possible worlds, the artist then can reconnect with other artists, […]

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