Help! The Ferry?

Part of the fun of writing novels is playing with all kinds of What if’s. The notion of using Earth’s energetic grid to power communications is one of those sci-fi ideas that is probably already semi-real, being worked somewhere, by someone or some government. The communication system in The Crystalline Vision is called The Ferry, […]

Unbind your heart!

…with the Unbound Heart poetry sampler, currently F*r*e*e*. Some of you who love a good story may be tempted to pass this free offer by. “Poetry? Oh, poof! I prefer novels.” May I respectfully encourage you this time, since it’s free, to explore and expand? Poetry is condensed emotion. A good poem is a story in a different form, […]

I need a witch. Can you come to California?

Thus begins a tale of one hotshot tech entrepreneur’s journey into the realities of energy and vibration, a journey from skepticism to burgeoning power. The Crystalline Vision is Book 1 of the Energy Unveiled series, scheduled to launch May 2018. Why a series like this? Because it’s not only fun to envision how intention and […]

My Gift to You

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