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Protectors of the Grid
The Shaman Chronicles Book 1

At first, CyberShark was a lark – a cool, high-tech game. As CEO, Ben flexed his Matt Damon swagger and cocky grin and charmed investors. His gift for gab didn’t hurt, either. It was still a lark when the tidal wave of money rolled in. It stopped being fun when the Beta test flopped and Ben realized he was completely on the hook for the whole damn project.

5.0 out of 5 stars | Entertaining, thought provoking, inspiring

Protectors of the Path
The Shaman Chronicles Book 2

“I'm Terra Kano. I burned out with police work after the last serial killer, so I was ready when asked to be a Protector. Better to prevent blood from being spilled than mop it up after. But protecting not just Valerie Brooks, President of the USA! Nature, woman-kind, diversity, education, the arts… everything that brings us alive is being destroyed."

5.0 out of 5 stars | A Transformational Mystery, Packed with Spiritual Insights!

Protectors of the Water
The Shaman Chronicles Book 3

WATER IS THE NEW OIL. Not because there’s not enough. There’s plenty, but the Slave Masters are out to hoard it all. They don’t care who or what dies without it. They want CONTROL. What they can’t steal, they’re making scarce by ruining it. Dumping poisons into it that will kill every living thing.


Protectors of the Gifts
The Shaman Chronicles Book 4

Hostage! What was the thing that snatched Shania as she ran across the cave to the inexplicable cliff of green flowering things? Would she survive the wound from its claw that spread poison through her body? Why did they take her to the Galactic Council?
Apparently, they discovered Shania's ability to heal before she did. Gifts are good things, right? Except when having them can get you killed!
Coming 2021

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