Celebrating Silver

There is something extraordinarily beautiful about BEING AN ELDER. It took me a while to get here. I cruised through the decades pretty blithely – until my 70th. That one hit me hard. Now I could feel the weight of years behind me and the lightness of the years ahead. My body went through some painful changes – and then, as my mental state rebounded, so did my physical state.

As the path of physical embodiment in front of me shortened, I began to dig deeper into each moment and to sort and sift through my priorities, releasing everything but the most meaningful activities.

I found how much both time and joy respond to presence and awareness. My body responded, too. I feel strong and balanced – and I listen closely to my body’s signals. Now people frequently tell me my energy is young, that I am “youngering.” I feel it, too, that curiosity about everything I’m learning and the deeply fulfilling privilege of focusing on my passions.

Head Shot RedI am grateful to be the age I am and to be part of the Tribe of loving, supportive souls who are Being Love. We are not afraid of “woo woo;” rather, we invoke its power. Nor are we afraid of this so-called “reality,” for we know how to use woo woo to shift it. We are bringing the powerful magic of loving intention to a world that desperately needs comfort and guidance.

My white hair? My less firm skin and the wrinkles the years have etched into my face?  These are badges of honor that I wear a little defiantly and a lot more proudly.

These days I hang out only with people who are doing their own work and growing in the way their souls designed. You know who you are. You know how much I love you. So don’t be afraid of silver strands in your hair or changes in the shape of your face. The wiser you get, the more beautiful you become.


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