Earth Day – or Else!

Yesterday was Earth Day, when so many awakened people celebrate and pray for our beautiful planet. Hugging EArthWe pray also for those who still sleep, who do not acknowledge this blue-green ball of life spinning through space as a sentient being. We pray for those who think our planetary home is indestructible and who continue to think in terms only of money and power. We pray for Pachamama – Earth – Herself, to help Her heal from abuse and ongoing devastation of animals, plants, land and water.Earth & Fetus
What is Earth to you? There is plenty of talk about exploring other planets that, like earth, can support human life, but will humanity do the same things to those places that are being done here?
Are you aware that Earth is in the process of ascending to a higher vibration, just as humanity is? Terra Kano, heroine in the Energy Unveiled series, is actively participating in the ascension process. She is a key player amongst people who live from Earth Birthingspiritual principles, even in 3-D reality. You’ll meet others as the story continues, people like Will Windwalker, Charusheela, Myra, and Grandmother Kaya. What if what these characters know is the real story?
My introduction to science fiction was C. S. Lewis’ The Space Trilogy, which included Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and This Hideous Strength. While I knew the stories were metaphorical, I could also feel Earth Togetherthe deep inner resonance that shouts, “Pay attention. There is truth here.”
While writing the stories I offer you in the Energy Unveiled series, I focus on capturing that feeling of inner resonance that resonates as truth. I hope that you can feel it as you read. Energy Unveiled.jpg
The Crystalline Vision and Protective Strength are now available for pre-order. For a look into each of the first three books of the Energy Unveiled series, get your f*r*e*e* sampler here:
Many blessings and happy reading.  

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