El Juego de Vida ~The Game of Life~

El Juego de Vida  ~The Game of Life~

The more you learn to play Life like the game it is, O Eternal Soul, the more fun you’ll have.

How do you make it fun?

  • Let go of attachments. The tighter you hold on, the stronger they strain to be released.
  • Do things only for the joy of doing them. Remember joy? Now you’re remembering your Self.
  • Allow yourself to receive – to open, mostly fearlessly – to the good that wants to come to you.
  • Show your true self. This requires being honest with yourself first. The truth is just the truth.
  • Find comfort and safety in a community that responds lovingly to you. You’ll find them. It’s worth the wait and worth the search.

Let the chaos continue to erupt around you. You don’t have to buy into it. You can’t stop it and you can’t control it for anybody but yourself. Remember: since it exists, it’s part of the Divine plan. It has to have a purpose. It has to – eventually – produce results your soul longs for.

You can trust Divine Source. You can lean into the love and guidance that are trying to get your attention. The signals could be in your body. Listen. They could be in your circumstances. Observe. If you know there’re there but you’re trying to ignore them…


You’re only creating more suffering for yourself.

You’re an intelligent human doing your work or you wouldn’t be reading my stuff. I promise. You can handle this – whatever “this” is – or you wouldn’t have been given it. Start looking at it this way – as a Gift. It IS…

…a Gift

As much as you don’t want to cry or hurt – that’s what it takes to heal.

What is healing?

Healing is knowing you can relax and trust the process. You don’t have to work so hard to avoid it or control it. The process has you in its mouth like a mama jaguar carrying her cub – always to safety. What does the cub do? It goes limp. That’s what you should do, too. It’s called surrender. Surrender to What Is. Surrender to a process that is alive – and purposeful – and waaaay bigger than you. Then – and only then – can you see the next step.

< Spoiler alert: What She – the Process – wants to give you is your true self! >

It’s fun living in the flow. There’s satisfaction in figuring things out that bring you into alignment.


…is when you know you are exactly where you want to be, doing what you want to do, with tranquility and excitement. You can have that. It’s a reality hovering there at the edge of your awareness. You just have to reach out and grab. You’re almost there. You just have to get through this rough patch first. It’s part of the game, remember?

No one can do this for you. You decide to care enough about yourself to give you what you need – what you love. So – you’re out of practice? Everyone is. I’m here to lend a hand. I’m here to cheer you on as you learn the magic that is possible. Your results are up to you, but when things start going right…


Say “Thank you!” Congratulate yourself as the feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment wash over you…

…when you do your work. If you’re not doing your work, go away.

I hope what’s being stripped from you now will be the end of what’s holding you back. You have to get to the core belief and expose its lies. Then the impact it has on your life will shift. Without the infection of that thought form, you will be stronger and healthier.

Thought form/Entity…

It’s a story that has taken on a life of its own because so much suffering has given it energy. How many lifetimes are you willing to suffer the consequences of not doing your work?

This is not to minimize your pain.

It wasn’t fun when it was happening to me either, but finally – as I wailed and sobbed in the arms of the shamana who was helping me heal – she observed tenderly, “It hurts so good.” And it did. It does. I felt clean and light afterward. That’s when a new day dawned.

I’m taking a bunch of people on this journey.

I know what worked for me. I know it can help you on your journey, too. Stay tuned if you’re ready to blossom. It starts October 1st. See more below.


Want to play a “how can it get better than this” game?
Try starting your day by reading one of the 30 reflections in the
Bursts of Light six-book series and see what happens in your life.

 Your Daily Bursts of Light, Volume 1

Your Daily Bursts of Light are brief but potent reminders of your eternal essence and the light you carry. You can get a burst of insight and energy anytime you want or need one. Read them sequentially or pick at random for your day’s reflection. They’ll comfort you when you need comfort and disrupt you when you’re comfortable. They’ll inspire you, challenge you and reward you as you charge through your day.

I offer them with heartfelt love and blessings to assist you on your journey.

~ Sharra (aka Barbara Snow)

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Coming July 29th: Bursts of Light, Volume 2

Coming August 19th: Bursts of Light, Volume 3

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Coming October 1st: Embodying your Power Animal

~ A live, on-line, guided process of expansion ~

  • Which of your Power Animals longs to give you of its essence
    to help you navigate life with greater ease, grace and strength?
  • How can you connect more deeply to embrace those abilities?
  • How will your life be different once you own this aspect of yourself?


Coming October 15th: Soul Work: Tools to Heal and Expand

“My job is not to make you a duplicate of me but
to help you become more fully, fearlessly you.”

~ Sharra (aka Barbara Snow) ~

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