Good Grief! Do I Have To?

Finally, I got to the tears. The grief I feel is so hard to let surface. Like everyone else, my psyche wants to run and hide from the pain.

There is so much pain now. So much deliberate hurt of everything precious — family, childhood, natural balance, beauty. Every source of love and comfort is under attack. It hurts. Every headline is another stab to the gut, to the heart. And people don’t want to talk about it.

“It’s depressing.”

Of course, it is! But it’s happening, and denying how much it hurts does not make the hurt go away. It’s still there, poison seeping into your bloodstream.

Grief is not inherently toxic. When done properly, grief honors what was. The loss may be someone you loved — or the belief that someone loved you. Right now you’ve lost the world you thought you lived in and awakened in a world filled with atrocities. You thought most people shared basic values of compassion and integrity. Now you see compassion and integrity mocked and flouted. The web of lies around you is so vast, you don’t know who to believe, what’s real, and whether there’s anyone you can trust. Can you even trust yourself? If all this chaos isn’t enough cause for grief, what is?

Grief doesn’t let up because of arguments or philosophizing. The emotional component is a fierce energy. Loss means your whole reality is rearranging. What made you feel safe and content has shattered. Sharp shards of illusion are raining down on you, leaving bloody wounds you can ignore only so long before your life ebbs away.

Do the damn work, People! The longer you wait, the stronger the paralysis becomes. The sad thing is that shutting down your pain also shuts down your joy. Welcome to the world of the walking dead. Is that what you want? The appearance of a life instead of the real thing?

I’m angry because I need you to grieve with me so I can release this pain. You need to release it, too. You have to feel it scour you clean so that what wants to be born can come to term. You’re getting clear. “Not this!” So – what instead?

It’s there. The Golden Age has been gestating in the collective consciousness long enough to have been prophesied many times over thousands of years. What would that feel like for you? For those you love? In the best of all possible worlds. Go ahead. Dream it.

But first, come weep with me. Our beautiful planet is dying the death of a battered woman.

Forgive us, Mother, for we who mourn don’t know how to stop it.

All I know to do is to hold your hand as I sit by your deathbed, telling you how much I love you. I drown in sorrow as your skin shrivels and your light darkens.

Come. Let’s create a space holy enough that we can trust each other with our pain. Where we can hold each other as we face our terrible truths. We have been betrayed by those we trusted. We have been lied to and manipulated. We have been intentionally programmed against our own best interests and sickened for profit and control. It takes a while to wrap your mind around something this enormous.

Rage is instinctive — and justified.

Denial? Of course. How can it possibly be true?

You need time to let yourself see the evidence. But don’t try to talk yourself out of the truth. Remember. “By their fruits you shall know them.” YOU decide what’s true. Just make sure your test is the inner resonance that lives inside you where you’re connected to Divine Source. Be kind to yourself. Keep stepping up.

Come weep with me so that the dense energy of sorrow can release its hold on you. Its job is done. You heard the message. It drains from you to become fodder for some other reality. A sense of lightness follows, that brings with it the champagne fizz of gratitude. That is the new reality taking form inside you. Now. Watch what happens next.

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