Help! The Ferry?

Part of the fun of writing novels is playing with all kinds of What if’s. The notion of using Earth’s energetic grid to power communications is one of those sci-fi ideas that is probably already semi-real, being worked somewhere, by someone or some government. The communication system in The Crystalline Vision is called The Ferry, the tech start-up at risk because of the core issue is named CyberShark, and in the story, dastardly nefarious individuals seek to gain control for horrendous purposes. No more about that yet or I’ll have to announce Spoiler Alert!
My question to you is this: If you were to see an advertisement on, say, Facebook, for The Ferry – without mentioning that it is a fictitious product – how would you feel when the truth is revealed? Would you be curious, interested, intrigued enough to want to buy the book and know the story? Would it tickle your fancy? Or would you feel tricked, deluded, used and abused? (Oh, no, not that!)
Seriously, folks, I have two “commercials” for The Ferry ready to roll. Whether or not I use them as suggested above will depend on your responses. I don’t want to offend potential readers, merely to make the stories come alive. So please take a couple of minutes to watch, then post your comments.
Here are the links:
Announcing: The Ferry – 42 seconds 

Ferry Family Events: 1 minute, 42 seconds 

And please, oh, please, leave a comment. CyberShark, The Ferry, and I are depending on you!
Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank you’s.
I bow before you. Namaste’.

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