Hooking Up


Oh, the ache. To feel adrift in the vastness of the multiverse with no tie to anything.in-spaceNot a Place. Not an object or being – human or other. The most terrifying delusion of all.

The Delusion

For delusion it is. Even in space we are at every moment a part of a Web of Life – vast, intimate, and inextricably connected by Energy – the Foundation of All Life. We swim in this sea of energy like fish swim in the ocean. Dependent upon it. Oblivious to it. Searching for it. Searching for Home, when the connection to Home lives inside us, right in our bellies.

The Antidote

The antidote to feeling alone and unloved is to tune in to the love all around. Open your receptors to feel, to receive the sensations. Energy. Home. Love. Are they the same thing? Are they different aspects of Originating Source? You decide. Choose which thoughts to listen to. Choose how you want to feel.

For Me

I embrace my part in this colossal experiment. I’m relieved to remember that the whole Divine Plan is well beyond my capacity to grasp. I’m not in charge or in control. I wouldn’t know where to start to fix things. How can I  even know what’s truly broken? Or what’s in anyone’s highest good? Ideas that seemed so viable just a short time ago are now revealed to have devastating consequences.

tea-lights-3612508_1920I do know which activities and perspectives will enhance or undermine my vibration: what helps me relax in gratitude (peace) and what ties my stomach and my nervous system in knots (fear). This helps me choose my state of consciousness.

Acceptance and Authenticity

This includes not only awareness but also acceptance of my humanness. I am soooo perfectly imperfect. Sigh. I’ve learned to forgive myself for what needs to be forgiven and to lean into my strengths. A big part of feeling connected is being friends with myself.

I make it a point to tell myself the truth but no longer allow those nasty voices in my head to speak at all. Having compassion for myself helps me embrace others more generously. That makes for healthier relationships with friends and family, too.

Nature: Our Most Important Connection

We’ve been taught that Nature is “Other,” something outside us, something either to fear or to control, when everything on this planet alive and designed to support human life. It’s truly sad when we can no longer feel the energy of the magnificent old tree we have our arms around or receive her comfort.

animal spirit pachamamaSlow down. Plant your butt on a boulder or the ground, take your shoes off and let your bare feet feel earth. Close your eyes and feel the play of sun and breeze on your face. Hear the swoosh of sounds on the wind or the song of the river beside you. Here’s comfort to bring inside your body, your home for this incarnation, where your gifts and your holiness reside. Sometimes it takes awhile to re-attune to the sensations of connection but it’s totally worth being patient and persistent.

Your Response-ability

The beauty of nourishing your connections to yourself, your environment, and Source is that these relationships polish the glow on everything else in your life. You get to choose how to relate, even whether to relate. That is your only responsibility: when you have the ability to respond, choosing whether and how to respond.

What’s Your Story?

Mine for the unfolding year is to build more and stronger connections and to grow in my ability to twine spiritual truths into riveting stories. I’ll be calling more healing blowing hair abstractceremonies, mentoring more Wild Riders and writing more books. Most of the ceremonies are in-person, here in Cuenca, Ecuador, for the moment, although the mentoring has become international. Healing sessions have always been international. The books grow as I do, with heroes and heroines applying the same lessons I learn. I yearn to share these stories with more people.

I’ve been told that you are the ones who will build this community of ideal readers because you love stories about people like you and me who use the tools of spirituality and energy management to address the challenges confronting us. You like to be inspired and encouraged by the books that entertain you. You know the possibilities for triumph are just as real as the potential for destruction. Word of mouth is what will do it, I was told, the same way The Celestine Prophecy got started. “Here, read this. I loved the story and the ideas it gave me. It’s right up your alley.” So please offer my stories to people you know will appreciate them. You’re going to love the intriguing new covers and expansive titles that will be revealed SOON.

Thank you!shaman work

And thanks for staying connected. I know the deluge of information and claims that fill our inboxes, so I cherish the ability to communicate with you. From my heart to yours, I bring you visions of amazing places to go and better ways to get there.


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  1. Thank You Barbara for this thoughtful article! I am looking forward to this year’s ceremonies; I learn so much from you!

  2. Well written, Barbara, and you are very clear about your path for the coming year. Bravo! I love these phrases: “acceptance of my humanness” and “compassion for myself “. I’m in that place, too. We (many people I know) seem to be in place of healing ourselves, and realizing how very important that is. AS we heal ourselves, we are healing the world around us. That is our point of power to make change.
    I know you will help many others on their path towards this goal.

  3. ENLIGHTENMENT!! – does it not begin for each of us either collectively as in a communal, experience with others – or individually alone – stepping into and through a portal we enter at first cautiously, even timidly seeking knowledge and understanding? – a portal we encounter perhaps unexpectedly that surprises us or one searched for we are gratified to have found? – a lens through which we peer only to discover that once entered into – we have not reached the end of a journey but are presented with new portal after new portal – each with its own lens to focus our curiosity and interest on some new horizon of learning, inviting us to enter in continuance and pursuit of the prize of our enlightenment?
    Does not the full measure of enlightenment we expected upon entering each new portal instead manifest only as a glow of more to come? – much like an ember fanned into a flame by the bellows of excitement as we dare to accept the invitation to step through each new portal of learning and experience as we continue our journey?
    Such is the quest – for enlightenment

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