How's Your Heart? Maybe this will help.

What the pain told me

Pain like a lightning bolt seared my body. I jolted awake in darkness. From my waist to my tailbone, my spine felt like Vesuvius erupting. Burning agony blazed along my ravaged sciatica. All the medicines and remedies in my nightstand were impotent.

My body convulsed as I sobbed. Each wave stripped away every resistance, every denial. I howled.  That place deep inside that I avoid – I went there – because I couldn’t do anything else. What do you want from me? I asked the pain. What are you saying? 


After a couple of hours, perhaps because of the weeping, the intensity of pain diminished. I fell asleep, exhausted, a list of things to get my estate in order already started.

In the morning I pursued the healers and options that were slowly, surely putting me back together. The good news is that an MRI identified the root cause and subsequent treatments are healing the issue, not merely treating symptoms. The point here is that, I got the message. See if maybe this applies to you, too.

Lots of wonderful people are working really hard to hold our vibrations as high as possible to bring into being a world in which everyone wins. We work toward acknowledging the realities of what is happening around us, take what actions we can, then pull back to keep from being dragged into the energetic cesspool. But…we need to grieve. 


Pain is not our enemy.

Pain shows us where things are terribly wrong. This physical pain showed me how much I had armored myself to keep my emotional pain at bay.

Pain does not kill us,

but fear of pain paralyzes us!

Once my armor shattered, yes, a flood of awareness rushed in, the good, kind, hopeful things as well as the dark, scary and frustrating things. I can’t shut down part of myself without shutting down all of myself. Neither can you.

Until human emotions are fully experienced, they hang around in the group mind, looking for similar vibrations. When a wave of heartache washes over you, you’re processing to heal at the personal level. You’re also processing for others who can’t.

When I delved into the depths of my pain, there was so much. I grieve for this beautiful, living planet and all the natural richness that is dying because of human (1)

I grieve for the suffering that some humans inflict on others.

I grieve for lost innocence as the extent of lies and manipulation floods across our media, fake or real.

What do you grieve?

How are you managing your grief so that it doesn’t slam dunk you sometime when you’re stressed and distracted?

Use this powerful tool.

Ceremony works powerfully for to address such issues. The difference between grieving alone and grieving in ceremony is this: coming together with trusted people to acknowledge our pain is proactive. It’s declares the value of your loss and your intention to create positive change.

When you and I emerge from a healing ceremony, we have released hucha, the heaviness of painful emotions. The emotional turmoil that confused our thinking lifts and answers become clear. Our energy flows more freely and we know where we want to invest it.

Whether you name it ceremony or ritual, you already know how to do it. I’m finishing up a simple guide called Ceremony: Calling Yourself Home, my gift to you and anyone you know. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out. Here’s what I want you do to with it.

  1. Use it. Create a context in which you can connect with your own soul and with the Divine Source of your life force and wisdom within you.
  2. Pick a couple of people you love and trust and do it together. Make it fun.
  3. Share it with everyone you know so they too can open to the possibility of creating powerful positive change from your wounded heart.
  4. Pass the word. If there is anything in this world that needs to go viral right now, it’s a reach to like-minded peeps to support and strengthen each other.

And finally, thank you for caring. Thank you for taking the pieces of your broken heart to create a new foundation for being human.


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