I need a witch. Can you come to California?

Thus begins a tale of one hotshot tech entrepreneur’s journey into the realities of energy and vibration, a journey from skepticism to burgeoning power. The Crystalline Vision is Book 1 of the Energy Unveiled series, scheduled to launch May 2018.
Energy Unveiled NewWhy a series like this? Because it’s not only fun to envision how intention and integrity can be used to effect positive change, it’s essential. Dystopian stories may entertain us, may even help us prepare for disasters, but by definition, dystopian dwells on “a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding” according to the dictionary. What about imagining, if not a utopian world, this one on its way to solving problems and changing for the better?
Imagination is power. What we imagine tends to show up in ordinary reality, the world we step back into when we close the book. Yet what we feel while we’re reading and what fresh information or reminders tag us can help us create a totally new track for our lives and the world around us.
In the months to come you’ll meet some interesting characters, have a chance to win free books and other prizes, and meet talented authors whose words can entertain you, educate you, and enrich your life. Feel free to share the wealth by inviting your friends to participate. We’re going to have tons of fun. Come along! Simply click on “Follow” and sign up. It’s gonna be a Wild Ride!
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