I'm Baaaack – & Other Exciting News!

I’m B-a-a-a-c-k!

I’ve been back from the pilgrimage to Bolivia and Lake Titicaca for over three weeks now. I’ve been holding it close, cherishing the sensations and the shifts, feeling the changes. So much happened. So many details to remember and see for the first time. The shifts in energy and the bonding with fellow travelers. The synchronicities that added a soap bubble sheen to “ordinary” experiences. The magic hidden in “ordinary” experiences.
The reverence in my heart demands that I honor it all now in retrospect as we honored the process while we were in it. Each day’s ceremony built the magic and the momentum. Now I am integrating all the layers of experience and transformation that have become part of me.

I’m not hiding! 

Many years ago, after I served as an auxilio in a San Pedro ceremony, the maestro who led the ceremony smiled and gently commented, “You showed yourself.” I hadn’t thought I was hiding, didn’t intend to. During the ceremony I had merely given the role the best I could, holding the sanctity so that others could be safe in their process. Maybe that’s the way it works. We’re not aware there’s more there until we step into it.
I AM Power


I want to share. I will share. But it’s not quite time. What is more important right now is the evidence in my life of how I’m different. I want you to be on the lookout for that. 
I’m not going to tell you what to look for. It will be more valuable to us all if you zoom in on it yourself. But please, please, please, tell me what you see or sense and why. Just jot a note in the comments section of my blog page. Make this a quick and easy exercise in what qualities you’d like to add to your own life and how you can do that. Maybe it will remind you of your own transformational pilgrimage or process.
Ceremony at KillarumioqueSister Ceremonialists Jari Holland Buck and Lynne Klippel with me at Killa Rumioque.

Incredible Lightness of Being 

Energetically speaking, I came home lighter than I left. Sometimes, in the last few weeks, I feel so free and light, I think I could lift off. That does not preclude feeling exhausted or even sick, but it sure feels good. 
I awake in the mornings feeling mostly blessed, rich and happy for the day. The whiny voices in my head seem to have grown tired of being ignored. Nothing they say scares me anymore. Contentment is too real. Guess they moved on in search of another target.
I’ve maintained rituals I enjoyed on the pilgrimage – recording significant points by hand in a special journal, drawing a card from my Voyager deck – and they serve me just as well here at home.

Exciting News about Sacred Work

I have a new, incredibly beautiful, permanent mesa in my loft. Its steady heartbeat sends loving vibrations out into the world and enhances the flow of energy into my life. The community of khuyas (sacred objects – khuyar is the Quechua verb “to love”) I brought back is well-bonded and already working. My pre-Pilgrimage mesa is well-rooted and -seasoned. The khuyas will tell me when they are ready to cross-pollinate. Meanwhile, the energy around here is both stabilizing and ramping up in a most delightful way.
Some of these khuyas will be assigned to a traveling mesa that will anchor sacred energies into the places where I will hold healing ceremonies in the coming year. Following Spirit’s persistent call, I have a good venue, an enthusiastic hostess, and an eager assistant. The first will be a Soul Retrieval ceremony. The second ceremony will be Completing Soul Contracts.  The Third will be about Grief as Gratitude: Honoring what was beloved that is lost.

Exciting News about Storymaking (Books)

Book 3 of my shamanic suspense/magical realism series is fully birthed and out to Beta readers. Book 4 is becoming quite…er…vociferous. Writing the way that works for me is sort of like channeling dimensional probabilities. Stories start talking. I listen. Which one has the most energy? What seems the most likely – or unlikely – thing to happen next? 
My stories feel like a type of visioning, too. How can I translate firsthand experience of the difference it makes in our lives when we live in a sacred way? Our lives are different when we have visceral evidence of our relationships with the unseen. 
It’s a lie that 3D reality is all there is, a lie that makes people behave differently than they would if they knew the kind of love and help that are available to anyone and everyone who wants it. 
Next year Books 1 and 2 will be reborn. We have a brand-spanking new series name, new titles, and sizzling new covers. Book 3, in its very own sizzling new cover, will launch with appropriate fanfare shortly after, with Book 4 hot on its heels.

Details coming. 

Heh heh. You didn’t think I was going to give away all the goodies right up front, did you? Stay tuned for the next installment!

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  1. The difference I sense in you is like the faucet has been fully opened. Not the faucet that comes thru you, but the one from Source TO YOU. I feel more to come thru your tap. maybe you discovered your boundless creativity (you knew it has been there to tap into).
    The ride ahead just needs your allowance.
    Crazy consciousness, isn’t it?! It’s like, this is incredible!!!! Bring on 4D!!
    Love you, sistar

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