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(An ARC Team)
Would you enjoy a chance to review The Crystalline Vision for FREE? I’m developing an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) team for those interested in reviewing my books, starting with The Crystalline Vision. I have 30 spots for this team and will select members carefully. My ARC team is called The Wild Riders, because…well, because Life is a Wild Ride and this is another great adventure.
This book is a story about magical realism and shamanic suspense, set in current time. The magical elements are based on shamanic principles of energy, vibration and intention that are proven to create change, so this really ain’t fantasy, folks! Shhhhh.
If you do not like stories that incorporate miracles and magic into fast-paced adventure and subtle romance, please don’t sign up to be a reviewer. Miracles and magic in these stories is the result of awareness, intention, thought and energy management, the tols of spirituality. Find what you want to read! Life is too short to read books you hate and spots are limited. However, if this intrigues you, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love the reads and I intend to make this jolly fun for all of us.
The Crystalline Vision will launch May 1st, 2018. Protective Force will launch May 15th. Legal Shield will launch June 5th, in deference to the Cuenca International Writers Conference, which is taking place May 28 – June 1st.Energy Unveiled - the Series       
Exclusive Benefits for Wild Riders: you will receive

  • Exclusive access – free of charge – to my books before they are released,
  • Entry to contests exclusive for my Wild Riders
  • The opportunity to help shape upcoming adventures and books.
  • Access to a SECRET Facebook group exclusively for Wild Riders.

In our secret group, I’ll answer your burning questions about characters and plot twists and share about upcoming books.

  • Shhhhh! My next series features the kind of woman you want for your best friend: The Strategic Sisterhood of Divine Disorder. Stay tuned!

Contributions of Wild Riders: you agree to

  • Protect our secrets! Do not disclose anything about the story or share the book with anyone pre-launch.
  • Provide honest feedback and critique, and report any errors or problems you find – either through our secret Facebook group or directly to me via email to
  • “Buy” a free copy of the published book on Amazon at release, and post a review on Amazon at its release.
  • Share a link to the published book on Amazon on your social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Extra bonus!
If getting free reads isn’t enough to entice you by itself, I will periodically reward a lucky Wild Rider who provides feedback and reviews with a surprise. It could be a free autographed copy sent directly to your door, or it could be…Ja! Wait to see!
Does this sound like fun?

  1. I can’t guarantee a spot for everyone. I keep my Wild Riders list limited.For now, I will be running the group, but eventually, I’ll arrange for an admin.
  2. You are not required (or expected) to review every book offered, but you may lose your spot on the review team if you don’t offer any reviews over time. That said, life happens. If you need to suspend your spot for a while, just let us know.
  3. Once you receive an ebook, you will have about 3 weeks to read it, review it and post the review to any or all of the following: Amazon, Goodreads, Apple/iBooks, Kobo or Barnes & Noble. If you download a book and discover you won’t be able to review it for some reason, please let us know.
  4. Please send methe link(s) to your posted reviews.
  5. Please be older than 21 years. Most of our characters have achieved wisdom through years of living. We love maturity!
  6. Membership in the Wild Riders exclusive, extraordinary and adventurous team is open to readers from any part of the world, from outside as well as inside the US. Please come play with us!

Are you in?
Wow! Thank you! I’m thrilled! I can’t do it without you!
Join the posse here:
Click below for The Crystalline Vision ARC Signup Form
The Wild Riders Private Facebook Page
***Barbara Snow’s books are DMCA Enforced. Pirating books and other creative works is against the law and extremely unfair to authors whose heart and soul goes into the writing and whose livelihood depends on selling books. Thank you for respecting my work.***

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