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I'm so proud that you've answered the call!

If you’re enjoying the process, you might want to do more. Go deeper. Our private FB group, Ride the Wind with Barbara Snow, will offer more resources and more advanced resources. It’s a more focused community. This is where the real fun begins.

This is where you get weekly, direct, personal access to a live Q & A (15 minutes each Wednesday, 12:30-12:45) to clarify what comes up and guide you through the confusion of these times. You will have opportunities to join in meditations, ceremonies and classes to enhance your personal progress.

This is where the real You can come out to play and grow just as big as you want.

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The world is breaking down – but you don’t have to. Change is inevitable and necessary, but changing is easier with people who care about you and are doing the same work. Then, it can be fun!

You have many choices and some of them scream loudly. Here, we don’t scream. We whisper. If you’re ready, you’ll hear the truth in our whispers. That is your invitation to claim your truth.