Mentoring with Medicine Work

Become a junior apprentice

Mentoring with Medicine Work is one month of weekly sessions with Barbara Snow to help you address a particular aspect of your life.

During this time, you will

  • see more clearly the issues at play, and
  • identify what you really want
  • learn tools to support your next step
  • use your own power and ability to know and live your truth

Here’s what we’ll do:

Scrutinize Reality:

Don’t blame yourself. You live in a complicated multiverse in which your own consciousness
lives many lives – but you’re affected by the thoughts and behaviors of people around you, the
collective consciousness (merely all of humanity), the energy currents flowing around you, and
the energies flowing into the planet. I’ll help you clarify what forces are affecting you and what
you can do to make your life better. Once you learn how, you can do it yourself.


Clear your energy field, remove any entities, reclaim missing soul parts:
You feel like you’ve lost parts of yourself. You feel like something is sucking your energy. You
may be right. Soul loss often happens during traumatic experiences. When you’re vulnerable
and distracted is also when entities tend to attach. Once your soul parts return and once entities
are cleared, your own energy flows more easily and more strongly. You can follow your
guidance and manifest your highest good more easily.

Transform the Past:

While you can’t change what actually happened, you CAN change how you look at it and free
yourself from the patterns the experience created. As you share, my guides will show me your
story from the cosmic perspective. The office of StoryTeller was conferred upon me by an
Apache storyteller, Woody Baily, just before he transitioned. When you change your story, you
change your life.

Co-create Ceremony:

When like-minded souls create sacred space in which to offer gratitude and petitions to the
Divine, miracles happen. The concentrated focus of energy and attention on a particular issue is
powerful prayer. “Where two or more are gathered…” can mean you and me – or you and me
and other trusted souls. You can send energy to a dream or goal, announcing to the Universe
the desire of your heart and soliciting multidimensional assistance. Then you let go and enjoy
the peace of knowing response is on the way.

Four (4) one-hour sessions of medicine work and mentoring: $400