Metaphors: Sugar Poop

I have an adorable little dog named Sugar…

…aptly named because she is incredibly sweet natured and eager to please! She loves everybody, makes friends with everybody and thrives with everybody’s love.

She also shares an instinctual behavior with other dogs…

…the urge to roll in poop.

I’ve read that this instinct is a hangover from ancient times when hunting canines disguised their scent from their intended prey by rolling in another animal’s fresh spoor. Whatever the origin of that urge, it’s disgusting, especially when the poop rolled in is fresh enough to stick to fur.

Recently, after we returned from an excursion along the path by the river, I kept getting whiffs, most unpleasant, whenever Sugar came near. I looked her over. No dingle-berries hung from her butt. No dark clumps stuck to her paws. Nothing I could see anywhere explained her essence of Pepe le Peau. Eventually it faded.

One day shortly thereafter, I drew Sugar close to give her some lovin’ and pettin’. As I combed my fingers through her wavy golden fur, I discovered in her ruff some small, dark clumps sticking together. Thinking they were the little dark seeds that often get stuck in my dogs’ fur, I began to disentangle them, separating the strands of fur to free the sticky little seeds. Then I came upon a bigger clump. Uh oh. Ugh!

The Aha! moment.

Then I had another Aha! moment.

Healing work is like combing the poop out of your fur.

First off, the negative emotions you call “your shit” are all there for perfectly good reasons. The trouble is, those reasons are long out-grown. Still, the urge to roll in poop – retell old stories or justify unhealthy behaviors – remains.

Second, these behaviors leave a stink that you might not notice, but others certainly can. They might love you anyway – or they might walk away from whatever negative patterns that old stuff generates. But the “stink” that drives away what you want is still there.

Third, the way to get rid of the poop is by looking at what it is and where it’s stuck to you. Lovingly. Judgments are not only unnecessary, they just drive you deeper into your shit. This is not about punishing yourself. It’s about loving yourself enough to change patterns that no longer serve you. Once you look at it – “I see you” – you can let go your attachment to it. You can actually watch as it dissolves from being seen and acknowledged.

Here are some ways you can work it.

You can let someone who loves you – or even cares about you professionally – gently pull the structure of gunk apart so it detaches from the threads of your life. Choose someone you trust and open up.

You can do the same loving service on yourself lots of ways:

You can take a bath and release your shit in the loving water.

You can enter the sacred space of ceremony to allow your Higher Self to collaborate with your Committee of guides, teachers, allies and angels.

You can hug a tree and give it all the energy and thought forms of the story and the patterns they produced.

If you intend to clear your shit, it will happen. You are a sovereign soul. You have the tools and the authority.

Don’t wait any longer. You don’t need the long outmoded behaviors created by stories that no longer apply creating stink in your life. Love ‘em – and leave ‘em behind.


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