My Name is Terra!

Hello! Glad to meet you. I’m Terra Kano, Heroine in The Shaman Chronicles (previously called the Energy Unveiled series). I’m passionately in love with Nature and every living thing on Planet Earth. I LOVE how everything is more-than-human.
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While I may have sailed past the half-century mark, I’m prime in every way, and attractive, too. At least that’s what people tell me. The ones who like me, not the ones whose butts I just kicked. The things they say are way less flattering!
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Bokeh By Tim Savage
I’m so grateful to have a body that is strong and reliable. I run nearly every day to keep her in shape, as well as to sweat away the stress of my job as a detective for the Arlington County, VA, Sheriff’s Department.
I thought I could manage working in law Woman Weeping enforcement because my spiritual practices would keep me balanced, but the Dead Angels case almost did me in. My own twin daughters were the same age as the victims whose corpses kept turning up. What kind of monster focuses on killing lovely pre-teen girls?
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I had to go back to basics – back home to Dad, to Molokai, Hawaii, to Simeona and the Huna spiritual tradition – to find my center again.
And now Ben, my cousin and…well, when we were running together as teenagers on Molokai, we were best friends. In spite of how he dissed my mystical connections with plants, animals, spirits. I’m in shock – and curious – that Ben humbled himself to beg me for help. Woman MagicHe says without my knowledge of spiritual principles and how to make magic, he and his multi-billion dollar technology company are toast. BURNT TO A CRISP toast.
How can technology have any connection to spiritual principles like intention and vibration? Can the tools of shamanism help us save ourselves?
You’ll see in Book 1, Protectors of the Grid (formerly The Crystalline Vision). I’m willing to help, and so are the spirits, but Ben may not like what he needs to do. But then, his whole life – his career, billions of dollars, and ultimately the survival of humanity – are at stake! I’ve never seen him this desperate. That’s a lot of motivation.
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This turned out to be even more of an adventure than I bargained for!
Come with us! It’s a wild ride!

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