Oh, what a beautiful morning…


Today started off chilly and rainy, and today gets an award for consistency, because it’s still rainy and chilly!Sisters Laughing

And it’s a beautiful day, because my sister Debbie is here visiting. We have a lot of fun and get along really well (now that we’re grown. Heh heh).


…and because my book 1, The Crystalline Vision, is finding a home in people’s hearts.

Goodreads Review Debatari

Sasha & LucasIt’s a beautiful day because my fur family (two canines, one feline) keeps me peaceful with their contented snoozing or laughing at their silly antics when they’re playing.Sugar Here’s Lucas, the Wonder Dog, king of the fur babies, when Sasha the kitten isn’t taking center stage. Sugar the love bug is totally blase about the whole thing. 



It’s a beautiful thing to be holed up under a blanket with a cup of ginger black tea with honey while the fire glows warm nearby, knowing Debbie and I are leaving Wednesday for five days at the beach. Sunshine. Warmth. Sand and waves. Friends.Higher Powers.jpg

It’s beautiful to be alive and to be a writer because the story in Book 3 developed some intriguing twists and turns and I really love who the characters in this one are being.

It’s a beautiful today because the chill and rain day that will bring back the green in thirsty plants and give way to brilliant sunshine and blue skies soon enough, because that’s how the weatherworks here.

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It’s a beautiful day in spite of the rain and the chill because The Cuenca International Writers’ Conference is coming up May 28-June 1st. I’ll get to talk craft and business with talented peers, make news friends and get other perspectives on industry issues. In general I’ll stock up on stimulation for fun writing projects ahead.

Yes, indeed, it’s a wholly beautiful, rainy, chilly, gorgeous kind of day to be alive.


Psssst! The Crystalline Vision is still at it’s special launch price of $2.99. 

Get your copy here:


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