Protectors of the Path LAUNCH GIVEAWAY

Book 2 of The Shaman ChroniclesProtectors of the Path – arrives Saturday, May 11th, at 8:00 am Central Daylight Time on Facebook at Barbara Snow, Author. This Giveaway starts at 3:04 pm CDT today, May 9th. Each little click gets you a couple more chances to win a free copy. Three readers who won the Book 1, Protectors of the Grid, Giveaway have their copies in hand now. Ready to click for yours?


“I’m Terra Kano. I was burned out with police work after the last serial killer, so I was ready when asked to be a Protector. But Valerie Brooks? President of the USA?

She doesn’t know if the uniforms that took her are helping her escape or holding her hostage!

Neither do the Protectors, but we’re sticking close ’til we’re sure! We could be all that stands between hope and the collapse of the Free World.”

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