Reflections Vol 5: October 2022 – I like the dark:30 quiet

I like the quiet in the middle of the night. It’s still, out there, and that creates stillness in here, where I can hear and feel myself.

The sweet trill of a bird’s song pierces the silence. The quiet becomes denser, morphs into a soft blanket that shields me from other people’s stalking evil.

I commune with the consciousness of words, that dimension where I watch images flash their stories and feel the energy of what they show me.

My soul chooses. I just watch for signs and listen for signals and feel where the tug is strongest.

Something – I don’t know what – shifts inside me. I don’t try to figure it out, even though the brain serves best by observing and reporting. The change will show itself in what I do and how I feel.

I’ve learned to trust. My heart-mind knows knows more than I do. It always has an ear tuned to Higher Self.

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