Reflections Vol. 4 – September 2022 – I do not consent

I do not consent to the prison of busyness labeled productivity.

I was struck recently, after reading an essay for writers, with an uncomfortable irony. The author suggested that writers schedule themselves a “reading retreat,” something that seemed to her like a novel luxury. I was shocked. For me, reading is an essential part of the writing process, both a pleasure, a rejuvernator, and an inspiration. Aonther author’s excellent work gives me energy, stretches my imagination, and embues my work – the output – with freshness and exuberance. It’s a glimpse into another’s consciousness. Reading is one way I take myself out of the endless swirl of everything external to explore a world where it’s impossible for me to fix anything.

Breaking the enslavement to the notion that you’re not being valuable unless you’re producing ‘something that others can see’ is essential to getting your Self back. The conflict at the root is whether you are aware of yourSelf as a Divine Being in a Divine Matrix or you are still fully owned by the delusional Matrix. I bounced back and forth between them for years until I learned to recognize which is which.

You need time to yourSelf. You need to indulge in what recharges you. You need to step off the treadmill, even of wonderful things to do and beloved people to be with. You know when you’re distracting yourself from the call of your Soul. It’s a completely natural and perfectly understandable phenomenon in these times. But you can do it. Make the space to explore your Selves. It can be scary business, telling yourself the truth and accepting reality. But I promise you, it’s worth it. And if you let them, your aspects can help.

It’s worth it to honor all parts of you and to explore the unique qualities of your personal connection to Source. Accept that you are the co-creator of your Life – once you know that you are. Pull up your big kid britches and own the ways you are response-able. As soon as you do, energy builds around and within you. That means the Universe has read your heart and in its love for you, is eager to bring you everything that has a matching resonance. If you don’t like what’s happening, change your resonance. How? By changing your perspective, which changes your story. You do that by healing the thought forms that are the foundation of your story. Simple. It can be easy – if you let it be. You don’t have to let go your attachment all at once. Actually, you probably can’t. So start by noticing what resistance comes up. Don’t do anything. Just notice.

Take this process at the speed that works for you. Baby steps, as needed. Pushing the process – trying too hard to make something happen – is like pushing a wet noodle. Don’t. Better to trust that the process is being managed by that part of you still hanging out in the Sacred Chaos with Creator. The saddest thing for a human is to lose awareness of their connection to Creator. You can’t lose the actual connection, if you’re alive and breathing, but you can turn the volume down so low that you can’t hear anymore, and because you can’t hear, you lose awareness that Creator is right there inside you. Is you. Is You.

You’re on an experiential journey of learning what works and how to work it. Do you know who you are? Do you know what you want? Part of you does. Communicate with that part. Learn how small things change the big picture.

Recently I had the flu. Feeling utterly miserable, I suddenly noticed a sneaky thought form that was eating up my insides. “The Dark is winning. It’s so much bigger and stronger than all our efforts to be Light and Love. Look at how long it’s been manipulating humanity and how many people are still completely deceived. ‘You might as well give up, let me do your thinking. I’ll take care of everything. You’re not response-able anyhow.'” Oh. Hell. No. I know better, because I live in the Light. I know love. These are lies, not true in my reality. Don’t let them convince you, either. I do not consent.

You don’t have to consent either.

There is fresh air and clarity on the other side of the nasty smog of misinformation. It’s there inside you.

Do. Not. Give. Your. Soul. Away.

Do not stop loving. Love more. Love better. Keep creating. Keep manifesting the best Life you can. Like begets like. What do you choose?

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