Reflections Vol. 10: Watching a beloved friend die…

It is startling when you become too weak to prop up the facade. Why should it still be there? What’s the point, at this stage? The beauty of this passage is its honesty.

Anger and bitterness were always there, lurking beneath your beauty. I don’t like this mean side of you, but it’s as real as the goodness in your heart. It’s as real as the vagaries of life that pushed you into the holy arms. It’s what made you, You…the luminous overflow of your adoration of the Goddess.

I, personally, experienced only the generous, loving part of you. We were priestesses together – again – and you helped me find other Lovers to walk through the chaos with.

You are an uncomfortably accurate mirror of my own process. You are beautiful in your weakness. I see the struggle we all face to be in integrity. To speak, to be, to live the truth – the truth of compassion.

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