Reflections Vol. 12: The honesty of breath

The honesty of breath is the foundation of presence. In. Hold Out. Hold.

Should you? Why does it matter? The voices in your head yammer – challenging. Complaining. Bragging. Really? Is that what breath is about?

Breathe in Life. Hold to feel fully. <<Oh, no! Not feeling, too! Damn!>>

Breathing and feeling? But…but…but…

It’s OK. Don’t panic. The next breath. Take just the next breath. Soon you’ll forget again. Your attention will wander to something outside you. Now you can react.


OK, then. Shift your focus again. Back to the inhale. Back to the hold. Oh, my gods, the stillness is so scary. What is waiting to jump out? What will I see if I really look? What if I don’t see anything? Do I not exist?

And then the body takes over and the breath whooshes out. No, you cannot only take in. No, you cannot only hold. The release is even more important. Let go. Surrender. Life only allows rhythms. Wave of oxygen, in and out. Life happens to you. You observe. You release. You happen to life. Breathe the essence of aliveness. The essence of impermanence. The simple bellows of your lungs is required for Life.

Your breath is honest.

Slow and steady or quick and stuttering. Mindful presence of thoughtless gasps, distracted and fearful. But honest. So honest. So real. Let it teach you. Everything you need to know is in your breath.

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