Reflections Vol. 17: Lovely Day Ramblings

I have had the most lovely day. We’re at the end of the not-so-dry season here, and mornings tend to be bright, hard sun – glorious and hot. In the middle of the day, clouds start rolling in. Temps drop and a fresh breeze blows in. Usually there’s rain, sometimes soft and brief. Other times we get 3O minutes of a real storm, the rush-to-close-the-windows kind. Today flowed like this perfectly. After Karina finished my pedicure and I paid my $12 cell phone bill, I met up with Jenn and we went for lunch at the dumpling place. It’s a few blocks out of town and worth the walk. We sat outside in the shade and admired the sweeping view of the countryside, consumed excellent Thai food, and equally rewarding conversation. Then we wandered around town a bit before walking over to PJ’s, another friend, to talk about marketing his new book. Stay tuned. Soon you’ll be hearing more about Condition Four. It’s powerful and timely.

I haven’t been putting down words on a book, but bits of a new trilogy are percolating. Mostly I’m writing reflections, inspirations and possible story details. This is how I process, by observing and choosing. Giving words a rest, I have stretched myself in other fun ways. I’ve been painting and salsa dancing, upgrading my Spanish and reverberating to a Beethoven symphony. I’ve been seeing my life through Jenn’s eyes as she visits, and appreciating it anew. I’ve encouraged a dear friend who is passionately redirecting his life. A young couple I love have trusted my words, acted on them, and been blessed with the results. How can it get better than this. I can make the world a better place.

If the world blows up tomorrow, as it often appears, I’ve had today. I know what it means to be at peace and to bathe in the warm glow of gratitude. I also know that beneath and behind the noise and swirl, powerful, important things are happening. Mama is on the move. Her children feel the soul of Mother Earth as Her essence expands. Her serpentine energy is a force that writhes and wraps around the mountains, sending tingles, lifting the vibe, and inspiring visions. I feel Her. I love Her. Some empty place inside me is filling up. I stand straighter, pull my shoulders back, and scan the horizon for signs. They are abundant. We are on the cusp of something amazing.

Don’t be afraid of the turbulence. I found that, with everything changing so quickly and dramatically, with every perception and belief being challenged, I had to find what anchors and guides me. It wasn’t that hard. For me, it’s Love. For me, the Divine is Love, the two being indistinguishable. I find Love in Nature, because Beauty is also part of the equation. Love is Beauty. Beauty is Love. The very consciousness of Love includes the desire to create, bless and comfort. It beautifies everything it touches. Since we live in Love like fish live in the ocean, it’s our default setting.

If this is not your experience, your connection to Love and Beauty has frayed. Imagine it strong and clear. Imagination is Power. What would that look like for you? How would you feel? How would your life be different? If you’re alive, you’re connected to Source. How do you perceive yours? What would it be like to draw strength and comfort from there whenever you need them?

It’s the original template, and it’s an incredible way to live.

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