Reflections Vol. 7: I’m breaking through

I’m moving through another passage. The weight of confusion and darkness has begun to lift as I focus not on the density of the fog or the shadows lurking around me. When I take the next step – just one, even when I don’t feel like it – that slight movement fuels the next step.

My determination right now is to be defiantly and courageously myself, true to what stirs me or disturbs me, trusting not only the response that arises within me, but trusting my interpretation of my response, regardless of how anybody else is doing it or what they think about how I am.

I reject “shoulds” and trust the pull of “yes, that.” It is safe to be me. What is emerging is precisely perfect

for this admittedly imperfect being. I can be me and be loved. I can accept, forgive, and love mySelf. When I love who I’m being, I live with wonder, even as I participate in the everlasting process.

I neither need nor want a guru. I must be sovereign. Nor will I be one. You must be sovereign. We must each take charge of the unique, individual expression that is reflected by our unique Life.

I am filled with simple joys. Want to break through with me?

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