Reflections Vol. 8: Falling out of love

Sometimes I fall out of love with words. It happens when they become a torrent of noise designed to confuse or terrify. At these times words don’t elucidate or shine light on an aspect of life. Words these days are barbed wire around the heart. Too much thinking – or reacting without thinking – or screaming in frustration that it’s so impossible to know what’s true. The heart hungers, imprisoned by the air raid sirens of words.

To feel. To love. These make us feel human. Bionic is not better – unless you aim to be one of the SlaveMasters super soldiers.

So when words have become weapons, stop using them for awhile. Stop thinking. You can’t stop your mind, but you can watch your thoughts with kindness and amusement, and not engage. Instead, be present. Just allow yourself to settle into the moment.. Experience yourself Being. Shift your focus to your senses. Scan your body for the messages you miss when you’re not paying attention.

And then, when you’re ready to use words again, pick the right ones. Think about what you want to convey and experiment with different ways to express it. Notice how you feel when you compare one way to another. There will be a different energy. Choose the one that is the most loving. It will hold the highest probability of success and satisfaction.

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