Reflections Vol. 9: What does it mean to be human?

“What does it mean to be human?” I asked, knowing you can’t get the answers you seek until you find the right question.

Bit by bit information comes. First what you’re not. A body. A mind programmed by others. Not an ethereal spirit floating blissfully ignorant of the body it animates. There’s so much more that I don’t fully know yet but can feel calling me to notice its existence. I feel this consciousness – my consciousness, Divine consciousness – stretching to redefine itself. This is a paradoxical strategy. Definitions are cages for what is still formless, even knowing that it already exists somewhere, vibrant and alive with potential.

Self seeking Self. The Divine pulls us together as aspects of Itself to witness each other –

to love and bless the infinite variety that lives in each of us and to bid at auction on the exquisite pallet and masterful representations we live. .

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