SCARE-mongering or CARE-mongering? Weaving the Vibrations that serve us

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when countries all around the world are initiating “social isolation,” the loudest message is “Separate yourself so you don’t get sick or spread deadly germs to people you love who will die and it will be your fault.”

The next loudest message is “You can’t work, you’re gonna starve, the economy is gonna collapse, the whole world is sliding into the worst depression ever and the entire structure of civilization (or at least the wealth of the 1%) is collapsing. We are all doomed.”

It’s enough to make you curl up in a fetal ball and pull the covers over your head. That’s not the most effective strategy, however. The best thing you can do to counter the massive amounts of fear being stirred up in the collective consciousness — the very best thing you can do — is to FEEL LOVE.

The battle for consciousness is vibrational.

You can literally feel the difference in your body’s response. Fear and associated words make you contract. Love and associated words invite you to expand. Pay attention.

Right now there’s a movement in Canada to stop “scare-mongering” and to instead focus on “care-mongering.” Feel the difference in the vibration of the two words? Pause just a moment. Listen. Sense what happens to your body and soul.


Be afraid. Be very afraid. You’re going to die, but not before you suffer terribly. The world is falling apart. There is nothing you can do. You are HELPLESS in the face of powers that want to take everything you have and destroy you.


This is a story that creates extreme chemical reactions in your body. You know all about the “fight or flight” syndrome. But every time you listen to that story, the reactions activate in your body again, deepening the groove of the neural pathway. That means that the words — the story itself — trigger you, whether or not the evidence supports it. You go automatically into fear because it feels familiar, which you interpret to validate the story. You could actually have many other possibilities available that could be exciting and hopeful, but you overlook them because you’re not sure what you’re seeing or you don’t want to expend the energy to stay open.

(This F****ing First Time)

Yes, it does take more energy to do something for the first time — like helping someone instead of condemning them. Like working together as a community instead of trying to muscle through a challenge alone. Like sharing so that everybody has enough. This is growing, and it feels awkward and insecure, but only at first. Keeping heart and mind open and sensing into the field for the most compassionate next step lead you to creative new solutions. The challenges you face can be addressed in many more ways than A or B, or possibly even C, the threats you’re told to fear, but you can’t see alternatives when you’re stuck in the old fear story.

How does your body feel now?

Mine feels jittery. There’s a charge shooting through me. I’m poised to sprint out of here if necessary. I’m breathing fast and shallow — when I’m not holding my breath — listening, hyper-alert.

Shift the Energy

Stand up. Shimmy and shake off the vibration of SCARE-mongering. Take your right hand and brush down your energy field to get the last remnants of vibration off you. Your left hand is your receptive, and you’re clearing the energy, not inviting it back in to your field. Shake your right hand, too, and feel the energy fall off. No form of energy hurts Earth. All energy is food for Her. Only humans are affected by emotional vibrations. Dense, heavy emotional energy creates blocks in your field and your body that dam up your Life Force and creativity. That’s what you’ve just cleared. Now, settle back down, check in with your body, listen and sense.


Spreading comfort and the nurturing, supportive energy of caring and compassion. Help when you need it. Being needed by others. Gratitude. Connection. Soft, open hearts sending you love and light and receiving the gifts you bring. CARE-MONGERING.

Feel the difference?

In the vibration of care-mongering, my shoulders relax and the tension melts from my neck. I inhale more deeply and exhale with a sigh. I didn’t even realize that I’d been holding my breath. I feel lighter and less afraid to gaze directly at the situation. It’s less overwhelming. I feel connected, comforted and supported.

Compassion creates a spaciousness inside me that holds an infinite number of miracles. Synchronicities show up, those conjunctions of timing and connection that make everything flow more easily.

The fear of Scare-mongering is familiar but not necessarily true. The coherent and connected vibrations of Care-mongering reveal new ways of being whole and healthy together.

From Corona Virus to Karuna Virus

Karuna is the Sanskrit word for Compassion. There is even a new website: that can be a source of good things to know. During this time of quarantine, one of the best ways to boost your immune system is to be grateful for unexpected blessings: time to rest and reflect, to be with loved ones without the constant pressure of things to do and places to be. This is an opportunity to experience flow, and the way that flow gets things done without pushing or stretching. Work on that creative project you’ve wanted to do. Pay attention to your state of physical and emotional well-being and give yourself what you need.

Be especially aware of a feeling of lightness, even of joy, discernible through the chaos. That is consciousness shifting; a new state of being taking hold on the planet. It’s coming, and it’s going to be magnificent — if you decide it will be.

Nature Healing Herself

Notice the reports of how the air and waters are clearing of pollution. Satellite images of Wuhan show no air pollution for the first time since the city industrialized.

Citizens of Venice are commenting that the water in the canals is running clear for the first time in over six decades.

The progress is astounding. Now we humans can see so clearly how dreadfully our old ways of life damage our environment — and how quickly balance can be restored and Nature heal Herself when we cease and desist.

Signs of Progress

Over the last few days David Wilcock of Cosmic Disclosure and Craig Hamilton of Integral Enlightenment each hosted online groups with the intention to disseminate information and raise our collective vibrations to shift consciousness. David Wilcock’s audience of over 25,000 people stuck it out through a five-hour presentation! Amazing! Craig Hamilton’s audience was 17,000 people who are already drawn to meditation. Scientists documented in 1993 that when 4,000 people gather to meditate, they vibrationally transform the entire population. (If you want more details, search for the TM Demonstration in Washington, DC.)

Virtual Gatherings

We have global connection through the internet. Think of the many other groups gathering in love to heal our planet, many we don’t even know about. Mass gatherings of heart-centered people all over the world with the intention to create massive, positive changes can and are creating coherence in our collective field that enables a New Reality to take shape.

Embrace Change
Come together to Be the change

On a massive scale, people are coming together to choose, with intention and open hearts, a different reality. In spite of the darkness and cruelty that would keep humanity and Earth enslaved, love, kindness and compassion are growing.

These are vibrations YOU can work with.

Start where you are, with the next small step, and watch all the unexpected ways that love multiplies. Hold to trust and gratitude, even in the face of the pain of change, for now, the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

Humanity must choose.
What do you choose?

5 thoughts on “SCARE-mongering or CARE-mongering? Weaving the Vibrations that serve us”

  1. Ashley Rogers

    Thanks for the post, Barbara and this is oh so true. This can be a great time of rest and expansion and definitely a wonderful way to raise our vibrations if we choose the light, instead of the dark. It’s not always easy but this is a perfect reminder.

  2. Such perfect information for this time, dear visionary spiritual leader of ours!
    Thanks for taking the time to expertly put out what is in so many of our hearts!
    We love you to the moon and back!

  3. Yes Yes Yes!! And look how the Astrological Happenings right now are supporting Us (maybe prodding Us) to bring it all down and Create it Anew! Such Gratitude!

  4. Thank you so much Beloved Barbara, this is so timely.
    As the quarantine weeks stretch into months, I’m feeling more challenged. I moved to be close to my daughter and grandsons and its so difficult to not be able to be with them. We managed a hike one day and that was Bliss. They don’t understand and they are beginning to pull away. Face Time is not very satisfying for them. They are confused and sad as to why they can’t come over to our house. How do we reach the emotional needs of our children?
    My hands on community and family service work is now turned inward; being kind to my body, meditating and finding creative projects that feed my soul. I always deeply appreciate your articles and insights.
    Sending you Much Love and Many Blessings

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