Sharra? Who the heck…

…is Sharra?

Wait! Isn’t that Barbara? Barbara Snow?

Well, yes. You’re right. Her earth suit and everything that came with it has been heretofore identified as Barbara Jean Brooks Brdecka Snow Snow-Erlin, Mom, Sis, Honey, or Hey, You! But you can call her Barbe, the childhood nickname her mama gave her (before Barbie’s were invented). Or Barbara.

Sharra is her soul name. A vibration that carries across incarnations. So when she was a black slave running the main house for the family, her soul name was Sharra. When she was a Native American warrior trying to pull the people together to protect them, his soul name was Sharra.

You have a soul name, too. If you’re curious, ask your guides. Then pay attention. The information can come from anywhere.


Intention, vibration and energy management are key in all spiritual practices, regardless of the language of a tradition. Drawing upon the teachings of shamanism, yoga, Buddhism, and metaphysical Christianity, she’ll help you apply those principles to live a more authentic, meaningful and easier life. Sharra has served as a spiritual guide and healing facilitator in North and South America for 20 years.

Energy Work

Her specific gifts are in clearing dense energy from someone’s field, facilitating them as they retrieve lost soul parts, and/or removing any entities that are masquerading as Self. Both soul retrieval and entities tend to occur from traumas, and once the soul parts return and the entities are banished, your own energy flows more easily and more strongly. That makes it easier to follow your guidance and manifest your highest good.


Another of Sharra’s favorite offerings is ceremony for a specific purpose, which is tons of fun, sending energy to a particular dream or goal, announcing it to the Universe and soliciting multidimensional assistance and the peace of letting go.


A 3rd service Sharra offers is reframing your story. She will reconstruct your “facts” from a cosmic perspective so that you can find the benefit. This office of StoryTeller that serves many in indigenous traditions was conferred upon Sharra by an Apache storyteller, Woody Baily, just before he transitioned.


Sharra’s new website is oriented toward her books rather than her healing services, which she doesn’t advertise but which are foundational in her life. When people find her, usually through the recommendation of another client, she knows their soul is ready and their work together will be effective. However, look for a fresh look soon.


Plus Sharra’s guidance is that the stories she offers are for empowering and encouraging seekers to remember Who They Are and what gifts they bring to this incarnation. The stories are coming faster than she can write them down – but that’s a good thing and a non-problem that she is solving. 😉

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