Soul Medicine Song for The Shaman Chronicles

A Soul Medicine Song is channeled, both melody and content, from Higher Dimensions by Danae Shanti, beloved Spirit Muse. This song was brought forth for The Shaman Chronicles, a shamanic suspense series that will swoop you into another chilling timeline of this world in a most delightful way. While you’re engrossed in struggles with real-life, multi-dimensional issues with characters you love, you may feel parts of yourself awaken. You may remember when you faced similar crises, or when you used similar magic. Maybe you’re there right now?

This is your Soul Medicine Song, too.

Go ahead. Own it.

YOU are an evolving Homo Angelicus, a Warrior of Light – whether you feel it or not.

Tune in to the music here:

Let this Soul Medicine Song reverberate through your being. Here are the lyrics:

 Soul Medicine Song
Shaman Chronicles

Lifting the veil, we see
Between the realms like never before
Illuminating your mind
Seek my love, seek and you will find

Only truth will stand in the end
You must decide: foe or friend?
Who to trust as you journey on?
Wherever you go the path is forged upon

Wake up to the knowledge in your bones
Find your way, find your way home
Clear seeing, open-hearted courage
You find you have room to receive all you need

From your sisters and brothers
Grid – Path – Water – Gifts
Wake up to the truth of who you are
Wake up to the truth of who you are

Music by Bob Wiz. Lyrics improvised by Spirit Muse Danae Shanti. Recorded and mixed at Wizations Studio Boulder, CO  4/17/19

Magical realism – paranormal suspense – whatever you call them, you’ll love considering the probable outcome of inspired action in the unexpected twists in these stories.

All you have to do is relax with a good story!

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