Are you ready to do
your Soul Work?

This series of videos, audio-only meditations and wisdom teachings will jump start your journey to become more of your Self. Wherever you are in your process, YOU – your Soul, your Higher Self – YOU are guiding this process. Trust your intuition.

Here’s a preview:

The Process:

WELCOME, BEAUTIFUL BEING. I’m so glad you’re ready to embrace more of your magnificent self. As a human, you are waaaaaay more than you’ve been programmed to believe. Becoming free of that distortion, you can now heal and become more easily.

AWAKENING can be overwhelming, so don’t judge yourself if at times you want to go back to sleep or distract yourself. The attention and presence-in-the-moment that signal “Awake!” take energy, both physical and emotional. The “muscle” that is your intention to emerge fully gets stronger as you use it, and it also needs time to rest while your Being resets.

TO HEAL, you must access the emotions that arose when the original wound occurred – the emotions that are the glue holding in place the patterns you are changing. Since you have found me, you know that while pain in life is inevitable, suffering is not. That means that healing does not have to be hard.

DOING THE WORK can appear more fearsome than it actually is. Now you are different and the situation is different. You don’t have to relive the story. You don’t have to feel “that” again – and you won’t, especially not with the same intensity.

WHAT YOU WILL DO INSTEAD is listen to a brief audio-only meditation that is positively focused. Even if it triggers you, it focuses your attention to what you prefer – the desired experience and associated feeling response.

YOUR PART is to notice what comes up in you – to merely observe – without judging, without engaging. Allow the feelings to arise from your body and your psyche. Let them have their voice. Be the compassionate Witness, even when they scream or rant and rave.

NOTICE the physical sensations and allow them, too, without judging, without engaging. The thoughts, voices in your head, and physical sensations will eventually run out of steam and subside simply by virtue of your attention and acceptance, often more quickly than you anticipate. Once you as the Observer honor their message, they fade like a fog dragon in the sunlight. You will experience a new sense of lightness and freedom

DURING THE PROCESS, be kind to yourself. Don’t judge yourself or your journey. You have always done the very best you could based on who you were at the time, the circumstances around you, and what you knew. Congratulations on awakening.

AS YOU HEAL, you naturally Become more of yourself. You remember what you love and how you love to be. You remember abilities and dreams you forgot you had, that got buried under life’s demands.

THIS PROCESS is about remembering and reclaiming your sense of Self. As you accept yourself and the Love that is your birthright, you align more and more with the reason you’re here. That alignment returns you to Flow, to Creation, to Self-Expression.

What do you want to create?

Why You’re Here:

YOUR HIGHER SELF – your Guidance – tells you when you’re ready to do the work, and it also attracts to you what will help you most – a practitioner to hold sacred space around you so you’re safe as you work; tools to make the process easier and quicker than you think.

SINCE YOU FOUND ME, I will be honored to assist you as you clear what has blocked you and embrace all that wants to come to you. It gives me joy to help as you accept your power to choose and become.

TOO MANY PEOPLE don’t know what Love truly feels like. Lust. Approval. Other things that masquerade as love leave you feeling empty – and hungry. The Love I want you to feel is the Divine Love that is your birthright. This Love does not judge. This Love cherishes your uniqueness and honors your process. This Love knows that You are a Spark of the Divine, and therefore an aspect of Creator.

ACCEPT THIS LOVE, for it guides you to your True Self. To Home. Once you feel the real thing coming from Divine Source, you can love and accept yourself fully as you move into the next phase of your Becoming.


My Vision:

This time, with all it’s turmoil, confusion, fears and joys, is the perfect time to do this work.

In Andean shamanism, times like these are called Pachakutis – when the world (Pacha) flips (kuti). Pachakutis are personal and they are global. Change is uncomfortable, but inevitable, and changes are rolling upon us like tsunamis. You can’t control them, but you can siphon off enough energy to keep your balance and steer toward what your heart desires. Ready to get started? Stay tuned. It won’t be long. I’m eager to help you come home to your Self and to the reality of Love.

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