Special Edition: October 2022 – It’s time to take control

Hey, You –

Yes, YOU.

  • Because you are one of my special peeps.
  • Because I know you do your Work.
  • Because I respect your authenticity and engagement with Life.
  • Because I know your heart to be open, loving, and generous.

…all reasons you’re special to me –

I want to share with you an opportunity to maximize for yourself and all of us your ability to consciously create the New Reality:


I’m already in. I’ve grown to trust Jacqueline – Oracle Girl – for several reasons.

  • First and foremost are my increased energetic clearing, expansion of awareness, and ability to receive and express more Love as I engage her energy.
  • Second, I greatly appreciate that she offers everything she does by donation, so you can get it free if you need to, although even a small exchange of energy amplifies the power of your experience with her. She’s definitely NOT a get-rich-guru.
  • Third, because her stated purpose is to embody more love on the planet. Hello!
  • Fourth, because she’s always stressing the spiritual and creative power and cability are already inherent in each of us. She doesn’t mince words about how we’ve been manipulated while showing us how to break free and trust ourselves.
  • Fifth, because I feel deep inner resonance with her perception of reality, which gets confirmed over and over in daily experiences.

This is about a Silent Emersion during October – not absence of words but time in your inner sanctuary of silence – during which we each do our unique part in constructing a new grid for reality – Bingo! This is where I/we’ve been working for awhile now. It’s exciting to find this kind of affirmation for my perceptions of reality.

The first morning of this Immersion I awoke at 4:OO am and throughout the next dark-thirty hour and a half, I received insight after insight, clarity about different aspects of my world, mostly to do with relationships. I saw things from a soul level, and my heart softened, my own fears and resistance melted, compassion emerged spontaneously. I saw things I could do and how I could be. I’m already different.

Your experience, should you decide to participate, will be different, because it will be your soul giving you and your reality what you need and helping you do it in the best possible way. It’s about accessing the energy of combined intention to support our creation. I suspect none of us will “skate” through this process, because we’ll be dredging up what we need to release and laying the foundation for what we’re longing to create. And these are the absolute most exciting choice points in Life.

Go here: https://www.oraclegirl.org/event/2022-10-02-silent-immersion-retreat. Check it out. What does your heart say? If a big chunk of “Oh, No!” jumps into your throat, take  that as a sign that, if you invest a bit of yourself and persevere through this opportunity, you will emerge freer, lighter, and more fully You. It doesn’t matter that it’s already started. Jump in, if you’re inclined, as soon as possible. It doesn’t require your constant attention to work. It’s sort of like giving your soul instructions to work in the background while you go about your “ordinary” life. I especially enjoy witnessing the shifts that occur and I chuckle at my soul’s resourcefulness and sense of humor. Once again, here’s the link:



And no judgments, whatever you decide.

I love you.

You’re welcome.

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