Strategic Sisterhood of Divine Disorder

The Strategic Sisterhood of Divine Disorder

What is it?

Strategic — because you have to be awake enough to know where you want to go, and conscious enough to have an idea how to get there.

Sisterhood — because women who have awakened to their own power have little tolerance for those who still sleep. Because even women who are powerful leaders need to collaborate with other powerful women to make the magnitude of change the world needs.

Divine — because women are channels of the creative power of the Universe. Because we know how to birth not only new physical life through our wombs, but a new physical reality all around us.

Disorder — because we will no longer tolerate the cruelty and oppression of the Patriarchy. Because the controls and suppression built into the current political and economic systems can no longer be tolerated.

Who are -- and how are -- the women of the Strategic Sisterhood?

We are women of diverse ages, interests, and geographical locations. We are wild enough to hunger for freedom and self-expression. We are wise enough to appreciate the wise women around us and to acknowledge the gifts that we each bring.

What are we doing?

We show up to whatever is right in front of us — family, work, play, art, and growth.