Two Ways to Serve Water

Protecting Our Precious Water Water is a most amazing element. Water can shift from gentle rain to terrifying tsunami. Water molecules blossom into fabulous crystals with love and appreciation. They shrivel and break when bombarded with hate and disrespect. Water is the element that makes up 50-75% of the human body. Water carries life in […]

Are these the best words?

I think so! Early reviews are in for Protectors of the Path. Here’s a few, and if you’re ready to read, go here to get your copy!  Megan Barnhard – 4.0 out of 5 stars – Kindle Verified Purchase “If you like fantasy that’s about things you might actually fantasize about — like enlightened political […]

Protectors of the Path LAUNCH GIVEAWAY

Book 2 of The Shaman Chronicles – Protectors of the Path – arrives Saturday, May 11th, at 8:00 am Central Daylight Time on Facebook at Barbara Snow, Author. This Giveaway starts at 3:04 pm CDT today, May 9th. Each little click gets you a couple more chances to win a free copy. Three readers who […]

When Warriors of Light Fall in Love…

They met at Shawnee Joe’s Eats and Sleeps in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. Terra, her cousin Ben, and Charlie, the brilliant woman who heads up his company’s R&D, had followed the signs to this rustic encampment without knowing why. Will (William Wayra Windwalker) was already there, waiting, sent by the Elders to be mentor […]


I was blocked. I was way past deadline on a crucial phase of writing. I quit trying to push through, went into my bedroom and closed the door. I sat on the bed, ate a piece of chocolate, and partook of herbal medicine, then settled down in the muted light. I could feel the block […]

When Writers Conference

Any art form is essentially solitary work. The best offerings emerge from the depths of the artist’s soul. After a great creative session, one feels drained, tired and happy, because all that tumultuous emotion is now pinned to the page. In the best of all possible worlds, the artist then can reconnect with other artists, […]

I need a witch. Can you come to California?

Thus begins a tale of one hotshot tech entrepreneur’s journey into the realities of energy and vibration, a journey from skepticism to burgeoning power. The Crystalline Vision is Book 1 of the Energy Unveiled series, scheduled to launch May 2018. Why a series like this? Because it’s not only fun to envision how intention and […]

My Gift to You

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