The Middle Child Syndrome

I’m sorry, Book 2. I know it’s not fair. Book 1 got so much fanfare when it was born and you popped out into the world with hardly a notice. I promise, you’re just as important.  I love you just as much. In fact, carrying you was especially exciting, because you’re so different. You’re full of surprises, and you kept me going with characters I love.
But really, Honey, Mama needs a life, too, otherwise there’s nothing to write about. My sis only comes to Ecuador every few years and I loved having her here for a whole month. And I didn’t get right back on the computer after she left ‘cause I’m missing her something fierce. It’s requiring me to re-invent myself, yet again. Which is good.
This reinvention stuff is just work, as in “pay attention, what are you thinking, what is the story behind that thought, how can you change it to feel better, what do you really want to be doing right this minute.” It takes energy and focus. Thankfully, after years of practice I go through the process in less time, but I still have to go through it. And what I discovered after excavating the layers is that what I really want to be doing is…are you ready?…writing. Big surprise, eh?
Oh, stop complaining. If I didn’t spend so much time writing, YOU would not have been born. And because I so enjoy the process of conceiving, (heh heh heh!), you’ve born into a really big family. Get over it. Enjoy being in such an elite crowd.
I know, I know, Honey, it’s the Baby again, demanding attention, entertaining with fewer worries because I’ve been through this before.
Now, stop that!
Just because I’m charmed by what’s happening as Book 3 unfolds doesn’t mean I’m less charmed by the fun and mind-stretching aspects of your story. Don’t be churlish!
I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you!
<Sigh!> Kids! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.
Crystalline Vision Smaller
Seriously, folks, Book 1, The Crystalline Vision, got all the benies of being the firstborn.
Having apologized to Book 2, Protective Force, for unconscienceable neglect, please allow me to announce

Protective Force Smaller

Protective Force, Book 2 in the Energy Unveiled series, is alive and well and ready to make friends. Get your copy here:

And the Baby? Book 3, Higher Powers? <evil snicker> Oh, you won’t like it at ALL!

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