The Mystical Source of Inspiration, and How to Manifest Your Dreams

I write supernatural suspense novels because I love exploring the transformative potential of spiritual work. I’m especially gratified to connect with other authors41KnDUhabdL who apply spiritual truth to writing. Emily Tamayo Maher wrote The Meaning Method and supports it with practical, nurturing and insightful coaching for new authors. And lucky you! You get to see what Emily knows about The Mystical Source of Inspiration.

For centuries artists have tortured themselves over the illusive nature of inspiration. However, for intuitives, and mystics, is it really that illusive?

Consider it. Seriously.

Where are these ideas coming from? Aren’t you curious?

I sure am.

In matters of spirituality, when you ask, you’re bound to receive. That’s why I beganstatic1.squarespace studying the third eye. The third eye has quite a reputation in psychedelic literature. It´s said to cause psychic visions and even psychotic experiences. That all sounds rather scary and intimidating, but in reality, the third eye is simply the seat of the imagination.

Have you ever lost yourself in that state of reverie, where you get an idea and then it starts mapping itself out right before your eyes? You gesticulate and might even start talking to yourself. It seems that real.

Well, that’s the sign of a healthy third eye. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy, it means you’re crazy talented, and these imaginings might really take on a life of their own.

The fact is we all open our third eye all the time, whenever we dream at night, whenever you imagine a story, or do a visualization, we’re activating this inner eye. It´s your sixth chakra.

The thing people don’t know about the third eye is the meaning. The Sanskrit name is Anja, which means to perceive and command. According to Vedic mysticism the proper function of the imagination is both to receive ideas, but also to put them out into the world. The stuff that goes on in your imagination isn´t for nothing! When you imagine a story, a piece of art, or anything else you aspire to create, it’s yours to manifest if you so choose.

However, you might be left wondering, I’ve been visited by fantastic visions, but how do I make them real?

This is another secret of the chakra system. Working the chakras from the bottom up is the masculine path of spiritual ascension, but working the chakras from the top down is the feminine path of creation. Your energetic system is designed to manifest your dreams.Chakras


Take a look for yourself:

  1. Crown Chakra: Get Inspired
  2. Third Eye: Activate Your Imagination
  3. Throat Chakra: Find your Voice or Communicate your Idea
  4. Heart Chakra: Nurture Your Creative Process
  5. Solar Plexus: Work Out the Details and Follow Through
  6. Sacral Chakra: Birth the Project and Release It
  7. Root Chakra: Allow it to Live and Thrive in the World

I’ve begun to use this Vedic wisdom in my own writing process and creative coaching, and it works miracles.doors-1767563_1920

Inspiration isn’t necessarily mysterious, it’s mystical. When you really begin to discover this deeper part of yourself, you’re able to make the things you were meant to make, and do the things you were meant to do!

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