The New(s) and Good: February 2022

OMG, y’all, I’m sooo excited. Terra’s Story, the prequel to The Shaman Chronicles – which is also Book 1 of The Protectors’ Archives – is up for pre-order! She lands in your hands or on your Kindle on March 2nd, ‘22. Now you’ll get to read how a sensitive, spiritual empath ended up doing police work – and how she turned tragedy into victory.

 I’m so happy about the cover, which I think totally captures Terra’s essence. This cover was created by a designer who – are your ready? – happens to be a young man named Israel who runs Oxygen Covers from Nigeria. I wasn’t sure whether he could relate to me or my stuff, but it’s turned out he’s brilliant. [He did the covers for the Bursts of Light series, too, and everyone loves those.] Take a look at Terra and get your copy of her story here: xxxxxx


And that’s not all!


Book 4 of The Shaman Chronicles Protectors of the Gifts – is complete and in editing and will hit the shelves on April 12th. Whoopee! I’ll let you know when it’s available for pre-order. And I’ll bet you’re going to be as surprised at where the Protectors go and what they do as I was when the story was telling itself to me. This one is filled with fantasy/not-fantasy, plus the relationships you’ve followed throughout the series really blossom as the Protectors’ influence expands beyond ordinary reality.


But wait! There’s more!


Book 2 of The Protectors’ Archives is scheduled for release October 25th. This one will be about Valerie Brooks, who first appears in Book 2 of The Shaman Chronicles, Protectors of the Path. The Shaman Chronicles series is set in the near future, and Valerie is President of the United States. She would not be able to do her job – or probably even survive – without the Protectors. In Valerie’s Story you will get the up-close-and-personal intel on the woman inside the world leader and meet a being who is actually able to meet her, power to power, vulnerability to compassion.


Although…hmmm…the character who is jumping up and down and waiting for his turn is Benjamin Baron Boyce, whom you met in Protectors of the Grid, the first book in The Shaman Chronicles. You might recall that Ben had to be dragged kicking and screaming onto his own spiritual path – but he went – and then he discovered Life. Ben’s a different guy now, but he can still be challenged by a woman who knows who, and what, she is.

 OK, Readers. Vote, please. Which story do you want first? Valerie’s or Ben’s?


 Whoa! you might be thinking. Who lit a fire under this writer? Well, Life has, for several reasons. In this period of history – of deconstruction and reconstruction – it’s easy to get sucked into fear and despair. One of the ways I keep my balance is by writing about ways that our truths can help us come out on top. Imagination is power, and “imagining” is a way to dream a new reality. If you’d like to escape for a bit into an alternate reality, be uplifted and entertained, and have your own thinking stimulated, then my stories are written for you. You’re welcome.

 Another match strike from Life that’s fueled my writing is rediscovering how much FUN it is. Writing is one of my favorite forms of creativity. The energy I use to create stories keeps my overall energy flowing when I might otherwise get overwhelmed by all the noise. I look at it this way: We humans take in stimuli, stir ‘em around and around, assimilate some and spit out the rest. When you’re creating, your mind gets to take a break from problem-solving, even if you’re working at solving a different kind of problem. Writing is my way to play with “what-ifs.” What’s yours? Give yourself a break by doing something you love so much that you lose track of time.

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