The New(s) and the Good: June 2022

I’m in a movie!

This delightful “mockumentary” is the brainchild of Daniel Ozorio and his charming partner Adrianna. Filming took place in 2O2O – yes, during the first plandemic lockdown – and you’ll see us all wearing masks and hazmat suits as we tromp through the Cajas in search of blessings from off-world. And wait until you see what we found.

We won “Best Ensemble Cast,” among other awards, and had a ton of fun in the process. For those of you outside Ecuador, you can see it here:

It received kudos at its first showing in Cuenca and will screen again in Vilcabamba at the Instituto de Technologico de Loja on June 18th. Come on out for some grins and giggles.


eLove and…

If you haven’t heard of Amazon’s Vella program, check it out. It’s a serial story platform that is fun to write for and fun to read. My erotic, second-chance, paranormal romance entitled eLove is doing quite well. I got bonused last period! Woo hoo!

It’s fun reading this way, anticipating the next episode of the story. It’s so much fun writing this way, knowing that you can read each chapter as I write it, that I’m now serializing all my new books on that platform first. Once the serial version is complete, the full book will launch 30 days later.


So the “and” part is the second book in The Protectors Archives series, also being released first through Vella:

Valerie’s Story:
Madame President’s Otherworldly Loves

Once you’ve been President of the United States, how do you give new meaning to your life? Become an Intergalactic Diplomat for humankind and earthlings? Time jump to probable futures to create a more loving, beautiful outcome? Embrace your existence in parallel realities? But – what does it mean to be hu-man and how does one embody such expansive potential? And just how many other species are biologically compatible with human physicality?

This story will make its appearance on Vella July 1st – and it’s going places you’d never, ever expect. Hang on for some serious fun. Heck, maybe you’ll discover some exciting possibilities for your own life!

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