The Right Words

My mother had a number of pithy sayings that tickled my funny bone. be-511557_1920For example, she used to say, most sincerely, “I know God never gives you more than you can handle, but I wish He didn’t have such a high opinion of me!” She had every right to that statement, because she held my father and our family together after Daddy lost his left arm in a Skil saw accident. Talk about a dark night of the soul! But after the trauma and after the healing, Mama and Daddy enjoyed a relationship redefined by balance of power, mutual respect, and all our appreciation for Mama’s competence, courage and commitment.

bible-2989427_1920Another of Mama’s sayings rolled off my lips from time to time. “I’m old enough to know better and young enough not to care.” I always interpreted that to mean, more or less, “I know the rules but I still have the energy to break them.” Then I noticed that when I thought to speak those words, saying them felt disingenuous. I was trying too hard to be cute and repeating something that felt inauthentic and disempowering. The words never got uttered.

When I examined that phrase, I realized that “I’m old enough to know better” impliedtruth-166853_1920 that I’m doing things I think I shouldn’t be doing. Wrong! I’m enjoying life because I’ve learned what works to keep me vibrant and growing, not because I’m defying some vague, unquestioned authority. The phrase also implies that there is a right and wrong way to do things. As hard as I have worked to heal myself of black and white thinking, why would I choose to judge myself for not aligning with rules from an old, discarded paradigm? There are so many possibilities in between black and white.

I haven’t come up with a pithy saying that works. It’s actually not important…as long as I don’t spout words that don’t vibrate with who I am now. This is not judging Mama. She lived in a time when different belief systems dominated and when much of the information revealed today was withheld or distorted. This is a different era, an era of rapid change and restructuring not only of our understanding of what’s real but of the context in which we live.  This is an important time to be aware of how the thoughts in our heads make us feel and how the words we hear and speak affect everything around us.

Another example is the phrase “to die for” that is often used to describe something utterly delightful. Does your subconscious know that you’re not serious when you say that a piece of blueberry cheesecake is “to die for?” Think about it. What do you really mean? Don’t judge now. Just decide what to do moving forward.

Now I invite you to think about words you use – whether about yourself or someone else – and what you are really saying. Remember:

Consciousness creates thought.
Thought creates language.
Language structures reality.



What world, what life, are you building?
In the comments, please note a familiar saying that no longer works for you.
How would you rephrase it?
Let’s help each other find The Right Words.

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  1. Thank for sharing! My first thought was of how in Tarot the suit of Swords represents the mental and that S”words” must be used so carefully because they can cut deeper than metal.

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