The Shaman Chronicles

The Shaman Chronicles

The Shaman Chronicles (formerly published as the Energy Unveiled series) forges through scenarios in which mystical interplay produces profound effects on ordinary reality, as in The Da Vinci Code, Carlos Castenada’s Don Juan series, and the books of The Celestine Prophecy

The Shaman Chronicles – either chilling prophetic warnings or chill-producing suspense tales. Follow the Protectors in each book as they battle for earth in The Shaman Chronicles, then you decide.

Shamans live among us.

… normal-appearing people who work in many dimensions; whose magic changes events and redirects destinies.

The Protectors are Shamans from different traditions who share their gifts and strengths to help Nature survive and humans live free.

The Slave Masters operate in the shadows, using their own powers to alter events and destinies to their own favor. Nobody knows who they are, but they’re no longer afraid of exposure.

Could their next attack mean eternal servitude?

Protectors of the Grid: The Shaman Chronicles Book 1

At first, CyberShark was a lark – a cool, high-tech game. As CEO, Ben flexed his Matt Damon swagger and cocky grin and charmed investors. His gift for gab didn’t hurt, either. 

It was still a lark when the tidal wave of money rolled in. 

It stopped being fun when the Beta test flopped and Ben realized he was completely on the hook for the whole damn project. Worse, this failure involved not just science – not his forté – but quantum science, the modern explanation for how spiritual practices affect the whole, bloody universe. Where the hell should he even start?
Wait! Terra! His crazy cousin was always lighting candles and burning sage. Hadn’t she even traveled places to do retreats, quests, or something? Would she still be mad at him for yanking her chain when they were teenagers? Maybe, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

“I’m Terra Kano. I was a Sheriff’s Detective until my cousin Ben’s panicked call for help. I was shocked. Ben always dissed my magic, but now his new technology won’t work without it – the magic of pure intention and humility, that is. Ben’s life and fortune don’t mean diddly squat now that the Slave Masters are after his invention. If Ben doesn’t master spiritual magic, we’re toast. Every human on the planet could be enslaved…forever! I have to help him, right? So let’s do this thing!

Protectors of the Path: The Shaman Chronicles Book 2

“I”m Terra Kano. I burned out with police work after the last serial killer, so I was ready when asked to be a Protector. Better to prevent blood from being spilled than mop it up after. But protecting not just Valerie Brooks, President of the USA! Nature, woman-kind, diversity, education, the arts… everything that brings us alive is being destroyed.

Valerie asked for our help from the start, knowing it would take us all working together to untangle the invisible tentacles of Darkness trapping us in slavery. But a direct attack? Are the uniforms that took her saving her to fight for what’s right, or holding her hostage to prevent it!

Valerie doesn’t know. Neither do the Protectors, but we’re sticking close ’til we’re sure! We could be the only thing that stands between hope for all people and the collapse of the Free World and domination by the SlaveMasters.

Protectors of the Water: The Shaman Chronicles Book 3

Water is the new oil.

Not because there’s not enough. There’s plenty, but the Slave Masters are out to hoard it all. They don’t care who or what dies without it. They want CONTROL. What they can’t steal, they’re making scarce by ruining it. Dumping poisons into it that will kill every living thing.

No water, no humans. No life – of any kind.
Except for the miserable slaves who exhume the minerals.

Our beloved Gaia. No longer blue-green.
Parched brown. Cracked and barren.

Unless the Water Protectors can reach us, can weave us together. Can teach us to use the only tools that can defeat the Darkness.

Protectors of the Gifts: The Shaman Chronicles Book 4

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