This Woman Is President of the USA!

In Protectors of the Path, Book 2 of The Shaman Chronicles, you meet Valerie Brooks, the first woman elected President of the USA. While she seems to have been groomed from childhood for this level of leadership, Valerie has managed to avoid getting sucked into the dark pits of power and greed that constantly tempt people in the public eye. She is devoted to the People and the Planet, a woman with a true desire to serve. Knowing the pitfalls and that she cannot work alone, Valerie has created to help her a personal Council of Wise Woman from a variety of traditions and backgrounds – that includes our heroines Terra Kano, Sheriff’s Detective, and Myra Mocta, Supreme Court Justice. Listen in on a snippet of their conversation.


“She’s having a private tea tomorrow afternoon. She’s building a circle of women who work at all levels. She wants women who have experience, expertise and spirituality. We need to be invisible, at least for the time being.”
Myra’s eyes stared into the distance.
“It’s to help her navigate the Presidency in a different way. This first term could get especially challenging. It has to be grueling to be the first woman President.”
Terra shuddered.
“I don’t think I could do it. That campaign was brutal. Partisan politics these days…so often completely irrational. Not about issues. Just personal attacks and crazy-making. Lies presented as truth, then denied. I don’t think I could hold up with all that coming at me.”
“Neither could I,” Myra agreed, “but Valerie has everything she needs to do what needs to be done. It’s almost like the Universe has prepared her since birth, growing up with her father in the State Department, taking her doctorate in global government, and then making such headway in her advocacy work. She knows the way things currently work – and how they could work better. This is different from the Cabinet. More like a personal spiritual circle for energetic, spiritual and emotional support as she works to shift the paradigm.”
“But how does she know who she can trust?” Terra wondered, since this was a recurring issue for her.
“I wonder.”
Myra hesitated, then started thinking out loud.
“I suppose there will be background checks, but she can’t initiate those until she knows who the candidates are. Hmmm.”
She shook her head.
“I don’t know. But if it were me, I know how I would start.”
“I’d ask Grandmother Kaya for recommendations.”
Myra spoke with absolute certainty.
“She’s the wisest woman I know and the most adept at working the dimensions. I wonder if Valerie Brooks has a wise woman watching her back.”
“Maybe we’ll find out at the tea?”
Myra nodded.
“You can go tomorrow at two o’clock?”
“For a date at the White House? Please. Excuse me while I check my calendar.”


Does Valerie have someone to protect her back?
Who are the women who will be included in Valerie’s Council?
What threats, even betrayals, will Valerie face?
What resources will Terra and Myra call in to help?

These questions and more make Protectors of the Path, Book 2 of The Shaman Chronicles, a riveting read.

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