Today I Cry

Somebody has to cry
as the world falls apart
Somebody has to be willing
to process the pain –
to open the core wounds
that keep everybody
feeling less than –
that keep everybody

Somebody has to let
their heart break open
for all those considered
expendable –
not worth considering
because their skin
is the wrong color
or they come from the
wrong place
or they don’t have
dollar signs woven into
their hair or
the wrong kind
of genitals.

The lies
and the pain they cause
provoke responses
born of anger
and attempts to defend
against further hurt –
against being told
“You don’t matter.”

The nerve.
The fucking, abominable gall
of the soulless egos that distort the truth
for personal gain.
They won’t know until later
that in the process
of killing us, they lost
all of the light within them.
Dead souls can’t feel.

But somebody has to cry
for the disenfranchised,
for the dishonored,
the disregarded.

Somebody has to weep
for the voices inside
from generations told
“You screwed up!
You’re not enough.
You didn’t do enough.
If you had, none of this
would have happened.“

Today I cry.

I cry for me, for you,
for Paradise Lost.
I cry for the Divine Spark
that yet whispers,
“I’m here. Come find me.”

Today I cry.

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