Two Ways to Serve Water

Protecting Our Precious Water

Water is a most amazing element. Water can shift from gentle rain to terrifying tsunami. Water molecules blossom into fabulous crystals with love and appreciation. They shrivel and break when bombarded with hate and disrespect. Water is the element that makes up 50-75% of the human body. Water carries life in the form of DNA everywhere it goes and is essential to every living thing on the planet. Without water, we ALL DIE!

Protectors of the Water is Book 3 of The Shaman Chronicles. It’s a supernatural suspense story that confronts increasingly urgent, real-life issues around water.

Book 3: Protectors of the Water

“Water is the new oil.

Not because there’s not enough. There’s plenty, but the Slave Masters are out to hoard it all. They don’t care who or what dies without it. All they want is CONTROL. What they can’t steal, they’re making scarce by ruining it. Dumping poisons into it that will kill
every living thing.

No water, no humans. No life – of any kind.
Except for the miserable slaves
who exhume the minerals.

Our beloved Gaia. No longer blue-green.


Parched brown. Cracked and barren. Empty.


Unless the Water Protectors can reach us,
can weave us together.
Can teach us to use the only tools
that can defeat the Darkness.”

The Waterbearers

The Waterbearers is a 501c3 foundation that takes filters into remote areas where people are dying for lack of clean water. My dear friend Jane Brinton is co-founder. She personally treks into remote jungles in Ecuador or Uganda or Nepal, wherever the genuine need is. I’ve never seen a non-profit with such low overhead; probably 98% of donations go directly to filters. When you donate $50, you give a village of 100 people clean water for 10 years. That’s an outstanding return on your investment of your hard-earned money and desire to help.

I believe so strongly in water itself and in the work that the Waterbearers specifically are doing, that

all profits from sales of Protectors of the Water
for 30 days from its launch on May 25th
will be donated to
the Waterbearers.

When you get your copy of Protectors of the Water or gift it to a friend (who will love you for it), you also support the Waterbearers. On May 25th – Launch Day – you can get Special Pricing on Book 3 with a Kindle Countdown. (I’ll send you the link.) 

To donate directly to The Waterbearers,
go here:

We thank you, our waters thank you, the plants and animals thank you,
humanity thanks you,
our planet thanks you. 



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