Unbind your heart!

…with the Unbound Heart poetry sampler, currently F*r*e*e*.
Some of you who love a good story may be tempted to pass this free offer by.
“Poetry? Oh, poof! I prefer novels.”
May I respectfully encourage you this time, since it’s free, to explore and expand?
Poetry is condensed emotion. A good poem is a story in a different form, one that touches deeply the emotion of human experience. Poetic language, whether in a poem or a novel, touches our souls. As a reader, it opens your own experiences to fresh interpretation and stimulates your imagination. As a writer, it helps you to deepen your writing and engage your readers at the most meaningful level. In every case, poetic language makes reading waaay more fun!
I am a poet and an author. I love words and their power to create. I love the way every word carries nuances of thought and experience. For this giveaway, I am honored to be in the company of other fine poets, whose work is also available for you to enjoy. Please take advantage of some poetry that could conceivably change your mind – for FREE!
Go here now!
Unbound Heart
And for everyone you really, really like, share the link and the wealth. Most importantly, please let me know in the comments what affects you most about the books you choose.
Happy Reading!

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