When Things Go Wrong! or Right!

When Things Go Wrong!

When things go wrong for the character, they can go especially right for the story.


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All he wanted was the safety of his princess. What he received was eternal torment. 
Bereft of a soul, a wraith who should have no ties to humanity, Bene wants nothing more than release from his twisted existence. Trapped between life and nothingness, he hopes to reclaim his soul and find the death he so desperately desires.
Bene finds rare solace in the company of Feorin, a satyr war hero who chose exile over continuing the centuries long war with the Fae. He doesn’t look at Bene with fear or contempt, but rather hope. If a wraith can find a path to redemption, perhaps he could as well…

When things go Right!

Have you ever seen yourself go from balanced and calm to triggered? Is it because you want something you’re not getting?  Have you considered your options for a different outcome?
Last weeks newsletter contained a practice entitled “Calling In Your Team.”: I used this practice to navigate my emotions and the results were amazing.
I encourage you to use this practice. It worked for me and it’s worked for many others. Here’s how mine went…
Like holding your breath.  Sometimes I get really contracted before I expand. I used to watch my son do this when he was little. It’s like pulling back the slingshot in tension before releasing and catapulting forward.
This week I was resisting love at every turn, for myself, in my partnership (sorry honey!) and in my biz. I do EmBodied breathwork personally and professionally and have never had the opportunity to join forces with a “big name” to bring this work to their event.
I ran in to a friend / breath associate at the grocery store. She beamingly shared that she and 10 other breathworkers just assisted Greg Braden at his event with 170 people breathing and him speaking to the value of this work.
I was fit to be tied. Lately I’ve been feeling invisible like “nobody gets me!” and that pushed me over the edge. “WHY didn’t SHE include me?!? WHY do I have to push so hard to be noticed?!? WHY???!!!”
I was so peeved. In comes my Intuition, “When you’re done being angry, there’s another way to look at this.”
“I don’t care!”
“Geez, okay WHAT?!”
“You can celebrate her victory, celebrate her.”
“But I WANT to do something like that. I want to be HER!!!”
“She is another yourself, celebrate her.”
I decided to stop holding my breath, reach in to being happy for her and actually started to feel genuine gratitude for her good fortune. This opened my heart a bit and brought me to an inspiration to make use of a process I teach my clients (ya think???).
“Calling In Your Team” is the exercise where I reach out to my “co-creative soul mates whom I’ve not yet met” and ask them to notice my name, my business and come into my life to bring their gifts to help me lift up my business. In return I will provide my gifts to lift up theirs.
I was fierce with determination and did the practice, asking specifically for a social media expert who would work on commission. I also asked for a support network to help put me in front of my audience, something I’ve always struggled with – exposure to my peeps. I understand business partnerships can take years to cultivate…admittedly, I don’t have that kind of patience…I’m an Aries.
Danae Shanti.jpgWithin 24 hours:
I was introduced to a social media manager who works on a commission basis, loves my work and wants to open her intuitive abilities.
I was doing a channeled reading for another person who noted that her friend is looking for an Intuition teacher (me!), who has an on-line course coming up soon (me!) who trains people to use their Intuition (me, again!!!). This woman has a huge audience, a heart of service and makes herself and her guest presenter oodles of money and referrals (yay!) EXACTLY what I asked for.
Icing on the cake, my friend Kim Frazer taught me how to do FB live (hers are awesome!!) and soon I’ll be offering Tips for Today in the mornings to give people an Intuitive boost to work with for the day ahead. THANK YOU Kim!
More icing, my sister-in-law Ashara Morris came up with the idea of doing expo style animal communication sessions virtually (at which she rocks). With her encouragement and sharing technical know how, I’ve set up a weekend expo of virtual mini readings on the first weekend in August. Thanks sis!
I’m now in flow once again..willing to love myself, give and receive love with others and to remember that the Universe is FOR me…all I have to do is stop holding my breath and to remember this the next time I contract.

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