Will the real Crystalline Grid please show itself?

The Crystalline Grid is a  key element in The Crystalline Vision, Book 1 of the Energy Unveiled series.  For the purposes of this story, the Crystalline Grid is a configuration of energy that flows around our lovely planet. However, this grid is not merely a figment of my imagination. There is an abundance of speculation about the grid, about the portals or gateways that appear at many intersections of the grid lines and about the way the grid directs the flow of energy around our planet.
Many of the sacred symbols that frequent esoteric literature appear to represent the Crystalline Grid. 
Flower of Life Rainbow     Flower of Life 3
In my novel, the grid is a dodecahedron, which means five-sided shapes, like a beehive – because that’s the way the guides told me to write it.   dodecahedronMore often the grid is portrayed as triangular shaped.
The Crystalline Grid reminds us that Earth is a living being and that energy comes to humans from many sources. If we could see the Grid, we might take it less for granted, but then, we can’t see electricity or graviy either. We experience the impact they have in our lives indirectly, by being tied to the ground, by seeing light or feeling heat.
I invite you to experiment with notion of the Crystalline Grid for yourself. Use it for your prayers. Send your love and healing energy wherever it is needed across the globe, then wait and watch. Don’t dismiss changes you observe as mere coincidence. What if? What if your thoughts and intentions sent remotely across the grid land powerfully and make an enormous positive difference?
If you’re still curious about the Crystalline Grid, do a web search to learn the many modern and ancient interpretations regarding it. And if you’d like to enjoy a good story with the grid as a central feature, stay tuned to this channel to have first chance to pre-order your copy of The Crystalline Vision.   Blue Earth Grid
Book 1, The Crystalline Vision, launches May 1st! 
Book 2, Protective Force, launches May 15th.
Book 3, Higher Powers, follows quickly on June 4th.
Happy Pondering! And Happy Reading!

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