You're going to LOVE Terra!

Meet Terra Kano, Heroine in the Energy Unveiled series. Terra is passionately in love with Nature and every living thing on Planet Earth. Everything more-than-human, that is.
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While Terra may have sailed past the half-century mark, she’s prime in every way, and attractive, too.
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Bokeh By Tim Savage
Running nearly every day keeps her fit and strong as well as keeping the stresses of working as a detective for the Arlington County, VA, Sheriff’s Department from doing her in.
She thought she could manage working in law Woman Weeping enforcement because her spiritual practices would keep her balanced, but the Dead Angels case almost did her in.
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She had to go back to basics – back to Molokai, Hawaii, and the Huna spiritual tradition – to find center again.
And now her cousin Ben, best friend from childhood, is begging for her help. Woman MagicTerra’s knowledge of spiritual principles and how to make magic might be all that can save Ben and his multi-billion dollar technology company.
What? How can technology have any connection to spiritual principles like intention and vibration?
You’ll see in Book 1, The Crystalline Vision. Terra is willing to help, and so are the spirits, but Ben may not like what he needs to do. But then, his whole career, billions of dollars, and ultimately the survival of humanity are at stake! That’s a lot of motivation.
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Follow the adventure! Get your copy of the first chapters of each book in the Energy Unveiled series – The Crystalline Vision, Protective Force, and Higher Powers –  here:

And then see whether you believe in Magic!

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