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Chilling prophetic warnings or chill-producing suspense tales?

You decide. But First…
It’s a Makeover – Ta Da!
A new look, a new feel, with the same heart-stirring stories inside!
That’s how it works, right? In a great makeover, you get to see the outside come into alignment with the inside. In movies and on TV, someone with a heart of gold – smart, funny, insightful, kind – loses the glasses, changes the hair, dons different clothing, maybe a little makeup, and Voila! The world can see the truth of what was always there!

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Hooking Up

Loneliness Oh, the ache. To feel adrift in the vastness of the multiverse with no tie to anything.Not a Place. Not an object or being

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What makes you come alive?

I first heard this phrase as a symposium facilitator for The Pachamama Alliance. It’s an especially deep question because it assumes you have various levels

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